Ice Cream before Dinner

The girls just had their bath and for their dinner. This is a surprise for me as usually, its the other way round considering the mess they make AFTER the dinner. So, as not to bother the Chef in the there, they were fed Ice-cream. Yeah, Ice-cream.

Sad to say, later on, with the ice-cream in their tummies, dinner was a very quick affair followed by sugar-high antics such as running around and screams in the house. Sigh.

Kristine with her Strawberry Ice-cream

And Kaelynn too. Note how they sit on their
"favourite" chairs. This is because its theirs
when they want to fight over it. If there is
only one of them at that time, its not their
favourite chair at all. Go figure

And what do you say if I tell you to stop eating the
and start with your dinner now?

Coming of Age

Me thinks Kaelynn is old enough to
progress to her elder sister's bike.
She can push the pedals but needs
help to get on or off. Yeah, she is
trying to do this herself now