The Customer is always right

Rule#1: The Customer is always right
Rule#2: If the customer is wrong, see Rule #1

Being in a service industry is not always fun. Sure, the perks are great, like getting free food & drinks, talking to sexy customers, and even going to places where no ordinary people knew about. (I've been to the defunct Channel4's video vault) But there is always the bad side. You have to face customers who either came out half-way from a lobotomy job or who just happens to be the consecutive winner of the Village Idiot Award.

It is always frustrating to arrive at the customer's place only to find there is nothing wrong with the phone system, just like yesterday afternoon:

Me: Hello, you mentioned there is a problem with the phones?
Customer: Yes, we can't call out. But our clients can call in.
Me: OK, can you show me how you found out about this problem?
Customer: [Customer showing the problem]
Me: Ok, I know whats the problem. Have you called Telekoms about this problem?
[I was tired and wished this problem would just go away]
Customer: Yes, we have and they proved it to us that its working.
We just can't dial out using your phone system.
Me: Give me a few minutes to check
[Goes into the cabinet and fiddles for a while...... aha!]
Have you been using Centrex?
Customer: Yeah, we subscribed for the service because its cheaper than normal line
Me: Ok, can you tell me how to make a call using Centrex?
Customer: Easy. You just lift up the handset and........ dial.......a......."9"
[Suddenly it dawned on her]
Me: And followed by the telephone number (finishing her sentence)
Customer: Oops

And to think I drove all the way from Sungei Wang to Shah Alam just for this pleasureable experience. Argh.

Termite attack II

Damn it! Just after one and a half days, they're back again. This time, they have re-constructed thier nest, which is about 5 inches per day. More of them are dropping and dying onto the bed. Looks like really I have to convince Dad further.......

They have not only rebuld the nest, its 2/3 of the ceiling length now.

Greeting and Driving

Driving is a normal way of life in every country. But what happens when you notice you friend on the other car or on the side of the street?

Right. Give a honk and wave your hand, hoping they see you and wave back.

Now, try doing this in the dark.

How you happen/accidentally spot your friend, can be from various cues:

1) You were actually looking at that beautiful girl across the street
2) Some moron actually cut in front of your car
3) Stickers associated with Clubs/Forums like AutoWorld, SPOC and WPC
4) Some idiot donated butts for the goodwill of other road users
5) You happened to look up at the Bus...........
6) You were digging your nose and trying to flick the booger out of the window
7) Etcetera, etcetera

This happened on Friday night while I was on my way back and I happened to be enjoying the traffic crawl along the Motorola Bridge, towards Federal Highway. So, while I was digging my nose (see #6 above) and happened to see another red Satria on my right. It has a big SPOC sticker behind (later, I found out his nick was Epileather. Hi!). So, trying to be nice, I tried to wave to him. Unfortunately, I was talking to my friend on the mobile phone. So, while I was in the car, I was:

1) Honking the guy with my elbow
2) Waving my arm like an idiot while cradling the Mobile Phone with my neck
3) Searching for the car Mobile Phone charger because the battery is dying. Fast
4) Driving with my legs

In the end, I think he did saw me or rather, a bloated hunchback showing off his underarm hair collection .

Update [18.01.2995]
This is so embarassing as its a case of mistaken identity. The person was not Epileather but Adyzul. Sorry, guys

Thunderbirds are Go!

Heh. I just sat through the Thunderbirds (2004) movie .......... and thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, for the rest of the World outside UK (not Ulu Klang) its boring, stupid, campy, etc. So, its not a surprise to me that it flopped "outside" the shores. The movie even came to the Malaysian cinemas and left without a peep. But you have to understand this:

You see, like Judge Dredd of 2000AD (Starring Sylvester Stallone), Doctor Who, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO, Space 1999, Sapphire And Steel are all products of British Television. So, anyone growing up in the U.K. or been there would have understood who or what they are. Any gaffs are usually spotted straight away and pisses the fans right off. Unfortunately, in the hands of the "Americans", making these movies, no matter how good they try, are usually faulted. For example, Judge Dredd NEVER did remove his helmet to show his true face. And the FAB1 is actually a Rolls Royce and not a Ford. (OK, Rolls Royce did not want their brand associated with the movie)

The irony was, I was never a fan of the Thunderbirds although I used to have the Thunderbird 2and the Space 1999 Eagle from Dinky Toys. Maybe because of the look of the puppets, which resembled more like talking dried fruit being strung up. But the designs of their vehicles were astounding. They looked so real, as if it could be reality in a few more decades.

However, in this movie, it was more of less aimed at the kids and not hard-core fans. And to be able to enjoy this, you'd really have to sit back, put your brain in your pockets and enjoy.

I don't care how others felt about the movie. So, F A B!!!!

A Faxing Question

Just last week, I had a friend who was trying to help me by buying some fax machines from us. So, I had to e-Mail the brochure to him. After trying 2 e-Mail addresses, (one was full) the brochure got through successfully. While thinking about the whole thing, some 0.5W bulb lighted up, because it would be very funny indeed if we actually did spoke on the phone.

Me: Hello, you need this model, right?
Him: Yes, that's the one. Can you e-Mail it to me? We need it asap.
Me: Um, I'm in the office right now and we do not have Internet facilities. Can I have your fax number so I can fax it to you instead?
Him: .........................
Me: .......................... Oops

[How can I fax it to him if he does not have a fax machine in the first place]