Superman Handgun

I think I have seen this toygun before but I could remember where I saw it or where it came from. Anyway, over the weekend, it came out as a copycat. So, without hesitation, I bought it because the shape is quite nice. But after buying it and opening the damn thing, it looked more like someone stuck a tube in the middle of the gun.

The package screams a lot of exciting obscene words
such as "In vogue design", " Superior Materials",
"Superior Performance" and so on.

"Function Irradiance Phonation" What the heck is it?
So, I had to step back, knock my head on the wall and
be a Chinese to understand that they meant:
The gun has Lights and sound

Infrared. OK, this is a bit to much. And the arrow is pointing
in the wrong place. Its supposed to be at the bottom of the
barrel on the other side where it has a laser module.

"All new items, it cannot be missed"
Yeah, you're right. Its; "Brand new! Don't miss the chance to get it!"
Or something to that effect. And they called Ultraman as Superman

When I was about to pull thetrigger, I would expect the barrel
to light up along with the usual "Bang! Bang" sound or some
machine gun. But what I got was this:

After playing the guy for a while, its ridiculous because
of the Ultraman head there. So, I decided to remove it
Boy, the screws are starting to rust already

And whow! This is prop potential, man!
There are two complete black barrels, the electronics
and a lot of space to play with

Here, you can see the sound chip and the laser module
Not bad for a RM11 toy as you get the speaker thrown
in as well

There, now it looks much much better
But there are so much things to modify
here, especially the grips and the barrel

And Kristine volunteers to model the gun
all was fine until she pulled the trigger.....

As for the head, I think I''ll give it to
Loctor Mayat when I see him next time