The Pencil Sharpener

Wife brought home a sharpener for the girls to use only to discover that its not working. By the time I came back, I had a look and I was not amused......

Took me a bit of time to open this up after I
discovered that the blade mechanism is the
only part not working. By some clever design,
the sharpener uses snap on instead of glue.

When I took off the handle, I noticed this part
or rather, the metal part is crackling and it has
expanded so much that it is literally fused into
the plastic.

Try as I might, it would not budge and I know
what happened next. Since my Wife knew it
was already condemned, I gave it a nice turn...

Even the inner shaft holding the blade suffered from
the same problem. So, its not safe to use afterall.

You can even see it here from this angle. Even
if I managed to solve the problem, it will not
last, knowing how the girls use things.

So, the blue tray is the only part that can
be salvaged while the rest goes to the bin

More Iron Man

Saw this at Toys r Us, just 2 days
before Richard asks me if I want
them. Tempted but nah. This is a
very 'fat' Iron Man if you compare
it to the latest toys.