My Job C

This is the correct wiring

My Job B

Since the powerpoints are going into the same
casing, we separated them from the network
and the phone lines.

And they all came down from one trunking but
with a smaller trunking to separate the lines

As this is an old building, the old sockets would have
to be covered up

Sometimes, when your phone is not working
after wiring, go and check the cables here.
The black and white cables are not supposed
to be the correct colours as it is supposed to
be red and green, then black and yellow

My Job A

Here is one customer who needs to have some cabling done besides adding more extensions. So, after some discussions, I presented the proposed floorplan to him because we need to determin if we can fit in 11 tables into the small room. So, in total, for every table, there would be a network point, a phone point and two powerpoints.

Using the SketchUp software, and a scanned floorplan,
I came up with this drawing the same day

So, this is roughly how the room looked when
there are already 10 tables

A bird's eyeview. Its a bit cramped
(in the end, I think we can fit in 11)

This is how each table would have, on the floor