Office Renovation I

Due to more staff coming in, we had to renovate our office to accomodate these changes. If possible, I will show you stage by stage. Its easy for us because we already have the appropriate tools and people. Yeah!

We have erected a partition here at the front
The punch-card makes sure we're not late

Two powerpoints and one phone point. Looks nice isn't it?

Not until you look at the back. This is the only way to keep them from falling off.
It is also a pain in the butt if it falls off inside the partition

Mr. General Worker wiring the points.

The smoothed the other side with some plaster thingy (Polyfilla?)
And tomorrow, they will cover up the other side and paint it

Hazy Day II

This is the third day that the Haze swept into the country. Already the schools have been closed for today and tomorrow. Then during midday, my customer informed me that the Klang area has an API index of 537. And when I came nack today, my Wife said all shops/offices in Selangor would be closed tomorrow. Haih.

[0811] This morning the Haze was OK

[0820] But you still get that burnt smell

[1300] Can you see the Shah Alam Stadium 600m away?

[1314] This lorry did not see the pavement coming......

This is what Sahabat Alam says about Haze

Face Masks 101

I was "persuaded" to wear a face mask today and its one of those flat piece which goes with the name of Surgical Mask. But, in actual fact, they are what they are and in light of the current situation, they're inappropriate. Unfortunately, due to limited Public Knowledge (and cost) everyone wears them.

Anyway, after 8 hours wearing it, I have learnt a few things:

01) Wear it at any other time, you would look silly
02) Do not talk when wearing it unless you want to smell what you have eaten for lunch
03) It is also a good reminder that you must brush your teeth after every meal
04) If you wear a nice shirt, people might call you "Doctor"
05) Do not enter into a Bank, especially when it was robbed hours ago
06) You tend to breath less oxygen in a feel light headed quickly
07) Your chin sweats
08) You cannot dig your nose while wearing it
09) You cannot drink while wearing it too
10) For smokers, it is not adviseable to poke a hole through the mask
11) You feel rebelious with the mask while driving
12) People'd think you have bad breath
13) It is not easy to tie the mask while driving. Better have those with elastic bands
14) Do not play "Pull your friend's mask and let go" if their masks do not have elastic bands
15) No one can see you smile

After much consideration, I feel like buying this one (
EZ Drop 50431-8200T) and drive around the town with it.