Tron Deluxe Identity Disk

I am getting more and more desperate because I really
want the tron Deluxe identity Disk and here I am, like
a fool, visiting toys R Us almost weekly to see if they
stock them and the movie starts in 2 weeks time, which
is very close if i really want to take one apart to modify.

[Later on, they do not stock them because the toys
were licensed to Spindrift, which is unheard of with
the local importers here. So, Toys R U are not going
to bring them in despite their American shops did.]

An afternoon at MATRADE

A few years ago, when I was based in Kepong, I usually pass by this building very frequently in the morning. And this building has a very interesting story to it. If you want to know more, Google is your best friend. It is very easy to spot this building because of its arches. And when you get near to it, it is very impressive. Just remember not to stare at it when you're driving.

Being there really opened my eyes about the government and also, as a Nation, what Malaysia can really do.

Here is a model of the building where the entrance is
at the rear. There is a very large parking area in the
lower left of the model but it was always 'blocked'.

During the moment of my visit, MATRADE was having
an Art Expo. But I was too preoccupied with staring at
the building's interiors to take much interest.

That was not until I star to take some photos did I
notice the significance of the Expo. I mean, how else
would a Hello Kitty model show up of all things?

And with something from Andy Warhol, this Expo
must be very very important. But in my usual self,
"Who cares?"

It was that on one of these floors, the displays
attracted me. This floor showcases what our
local boys can do.

There were rows and rows of displays which
highlights a lot of impressive products. Some
things which I have never imagined Malaysia
could come up.

And at every bottom shelf is a drawer which one
can pull out for brochures and name cards.

Some local tile manufacturers can even produce silver
ones which has mirror finish. Wow.

And some of the furniture design which I have
never seen except from some European or
Oversseas catalogues

How they managed to get the Alza in, is not important.
What is more important was, how Perodua got in and
Proton did not. Ha ha ha ha.

Yes, we do manufacture condoms as rubber is still
one of Malaysia's commodity. I was about to be
convinced of this brand's product as it was all over
the counters in Malaysia, especially at 7-11....

That is, until I saw their back-up product,
which is baby bottles and stuff. Its like them
saying, in case our product failed....

And now, what really made me happy were these.
To the normal eye, they're just some yellowish
clear chess pieces.

But to those in the know, these are made from those
RM100K over 3D printers. For there is no way one
can reproduce the spiralling staircase using normal
plastic injection or casting process. I was hunting
for this service for years and its still too expensive.

And the latest in technology is that the 3D printers
can now create your models with colours. This is a
very important step. And in a few more years, if
everything is OK, almost anyone can make a 3D
model for hobby, work, etc. All they need is to
download a 3D file fro the Internet. Its like a low
level Star Trek replicator. Unfortunately, like the
photocopier and bank notes, everyone would be
trying to make 3D guns and weapons as well.