Jaundice Alert!! Part II

So sad to say, Kristine's jaundice reappeared again today. I tried to get her into the Sun but she was screaming her lungs off and also, there wasn't much Sun this morning. Since I am already stressed out by this, my parents offered to send her back to the Hospital for more UV light treatment. The last treatment cost us RM900 or threabouts. Ouch

Since there is nothing much to do, here is a shot of what happens when hair, phlegm and other stuff get mixed in the sink trap for a few days. No wonder the water went away so slowly..........

Ok, the fear is over as the jaundice level was only 161 (via blood test), so the Doctor said everything is fine, and Kristine gets to come back home. Phew!

And as for me, Kristine rewarded me with a trail of half-digested breast milk all the way down to my legs,leaving a nice puddle there.