The return

After the fingers have healed and the trauma has
subsided, its time to go back to this %#@$ board.
Only problem was, I forgot what's its all about.
Any ideas, Bruce?

Introducing the new 'Specky'

Hmm..... that was fast. The shop called and her glasses are now ready. And so, after getting into the usual routine of lunch and all, we went to the shop as fast as we could. Yeah, we're all excited as well.

While they prepared and cleaned her glasses, the two
were at their usual self, running around the shop
until I
have had enough.

Ta-daaaa...! Krsitine's new glasses.
If I am not mistaken, this one has spring loaded
arms so that when or if she was knocked, they
would not break or snap apart.

All the while we were walking
along the row of shops, they
were busy chatting about, in
their own World. Funnily
enough, during my time, I'd
walk slowly to adjust my vision.
For Kristine, it was just normal...

And finally, I guess, she can now see
clearly on the things that she could
not have....

31072011 Sunday Lunch

Nothing special happened today except that there was nothing exceptionally happening today.

Kristine used Kaelynn's 'Blankie'
as her skirt for a skit.

Om.. nom.. nom.. nom...

The I noticed Kaelynn got 'bigger' all of a sudden

Aha. So that's the solution...

Nerf Element EX-6 Kopycat

While on a Family outstation trip, I came across this little nifty toy gun. Looks nice doesn't it? For those who are more familiar with this design, a light-bulb would have exploded in your head by now.

Yes, this is a NERF Element EX-6 Kopykat. What they did was, instead of copying it 100%, they stuffed electronics into it and made it into a non-firing toy. Perhaps its to circumvent Copyright issues, I suppose. But its still easily recognizable.

And so, this is the KopyKat. Which, if you have
never seen the Real McCoy before, you would
say that this is a very cool toy gun. But if you
do know your NERFs, you'd still say, this is a
very cool NERF Kopykat.

Side by side comparison. OK, so they are not
exactly alike but from far, it is still the same.

Each gun has its own 'specialties'. For example, the NERF Element EX-6 can shoot darts with an effective range of 20-25 feet and has a capacity to hold extra 5 rounds. Depending on the target, you either get away with it or, get NERFed instead. The KopyKat has a psychological effective range from 1 inch to about 50 feet. It annoys the target and depending on the 'kiddiness' in you, the response is either a broken toy, some choice red markings on the skin or well, complete social ostracization for hours. Also, the KopyKat has one more weapon up its shaf... er, sleeve, which is the horizontal thrusting rocket. It is a very deadly weapon because if aimed at the wrong target, you're either stereotyped forever as a child or in most cases, no Happy Hour for you tonight.

Maybe its the paintjob but I am
starting to like the KopyKat....

Can you tell the difference?
Left: Can shoot darts and get spanked/NERFed/scolded
Right: Can shoot sound waves and blind targets and still get spanked/shot/scolded

But I still have to admit, the KopyKat's
grip looks much nicer. And with the
battery compartment 'ready' its a
bonus for further modifications.

I only had the opportunity to obtain one instead of a few more due to the normal circumstances. But if I were to be given the chance to get them and choose between the two, I would definitely get both. Ha. Ha.

You just can't separate a boy* from his toys.

* - There is no such thing as a 'man', its just a convenient cover-up for embarrassing labels such as 'grown-up kid', 'stupid annoying boy', etc.

Kristine's first pair

I remember the time I need a pair of glasses and it was not exactly something I looked forward to. For you see, when you wear a pair, there is an automatic stigma that comes with it. You will be seen as a bookworm, a serious student, someone who peeped too much, and the list goes on. But now, thankfully, this is Kristine's time, which is nothing more than just a fashion accessory.

So, how to you know that someone needs a pair of glasses? You yourself would know because you keep turning Chinese when you need to see things clearly. But what about others, such as children like Kristine? One of the telltale signs would be that her grades which keeps falling. The other would be that she has problems reading out articles when threatened with a cane. And so, to save the wear and tear on the cane, we took her to an Optometrist instead.

This was a shop in PJ Section 14. We took her
to places like Mid-Valley but we felt that they're
all not so suitable for her. Its not easy to look for
a bullet-proof and atomic bomb-proof pair and
still weigh like a feather.

Eventually, after trying out most of the ones
that have red or pink in them, Kristine's
choice did not meet with the HM's approval.

For example, here is the one with red rims
but its too big.

Then this is the one with almost the same
design but alas, the rims are still too big

Or too square and so on. And so, after the Sales
Assistant has searched through the entire container
plus the ones in the store, their warehouse, their
district warehouse, their factory, their designer's
personal collection and drawer, we moved on...

Finally, after going to another shop
and gotten the same result, we tried
one last one. And Yes! Finally! The
HM approves! You can even see
the absolute joy on her face...

But this is only the first step as they need to make
the lens first before the glasses
are ready.

And so, now its back to business
as usual, which is to finish the
chrysanthemum drink...

While we're there, I popped by Digital Mall to get
another USB Flash Drive plus a USB Hub.

29072011 Trip to Pertama & Sogo

Wife wanted to go to Sogo because... well, just because, la. I mean, she's the Boss and if she wants to go to Sogo, then she will go to Sogo. And so, to beat the potential evening jam, I decided to drive her there.

Well, of course it is my decision to drive her there. Afterall, being the Man in the house, I make all the decisions. (And she approves them *ahem*).

Reaching the place, was easy since everyone in the City has already gone back home. But looking for a nice parking spot is another matter since those who are hungry or decided to drop by Sogo on the way home, is now your rival in looking for space. So, instead of parking in Sogo, I decided to park across the street which is, the Pertama Complex. Apparently, everyone also had the same idea as by the time I entered the basement, it was full of cars. Nevertheless, since I am the one of the 'earlier' cars, I got lucky.

In my time, Pertama Complex was one of those places you would go when you're bored. And the closest rival at that time was the Campbell and also, the potential Wilayah Complex. However, since Wilayah Complex was nearer to my school, it was a much easier choice. This was also, at that time, Pertama Complex was well, full of people you do not want to meet up with; your classmates, girls, Prefects and generally, people.

I can actually count the number of times I have gone to Pertama (with my fingers) throughout my Life and they're not that many. Even lesser still if I were to do the same with Sogo. To be fair, I am very confident that they have shops which interests me but it just that the prospects of going there was not as exciting as going to Sungei Wang.

The shop designs were still the same except that
it is now brighter, cleaner and quieter too. Or
maybe its
because its near closing time...

This is the first time that I know, that this area
is now occupied and full of mobile phone dealers
too. Usually, its empty.

The DIY alternative to Viagra

Oh, women are not spared too, except they can't
take Viagra. The effects are not as desired
(or might be, depending on that individual).

Later, as I walked across to join my Wife, I
noticed that there is a lot of people outside
the Sogo shopping centre.

Its like as if they are there for something...

Then again, this is the power of The Sogo Sales.

If you're not into it, you're out

Even families are not spared.

This shattered my image of Sogo
being a High
Class Shopping Centre

Saved by a coin

As I was walking towards my car, I felt a sudden sharp pain near my thighs, as if they were punched by an unseen force. Although the pain was bearable, I could not help thinking what had happened. It was not until I reached my car and I had the chance to get some change for the parking meter, did I realised what actually had happened.

Apparently, I had been shot, most probably by a sniper from a very significant distance as the skin is now showing signs of bruising. Judging from the bullet hole, there are only two conclusions; One, the sniper must have been using the Smitch & Western's 0.015 hi-powered Smealy Oaks rifle which has an incredible range of 18.895 feet and two, only non-suicidal revenging squirrels are capable of committing such acts. So, only by my quick actions, I had actually saved my own nuts from being cracked.....

Maybe I should stop stealing nuts from the squirrels
and buy my own instead...

Sleeping Positions

How she can sleep in that position, I really
have no idea. But since she is young, her
bones and limbs are still flexible enough.

Sports Day

We had Sports Day. OK, move on.
Nothing to see here.

Don't miss your Breakfast

Some bright spark has come up with an idea for
me so that I do not miss breakfast every morning.


Petronas front front shop got bag. Smack me in face.

I buy RM10.00 bag. Inside got lots junk food.
Me happy

Going to the Empire

The day is not over yet. Yep, you got that right. After our house hunting ended in a dismal failure, we're about to make plans to escape from Puchong and rush back to the house. The afternoon was still in its early stages of afternoon-ess which is very dangerous. You'd never know when you have picked up a Real-estate Agent or two while house hunting. They have this uncanny knack of smelling even the slightest denomination in your wallet.

So, while making our escape, the Queen of the Kee Palace has decided to use her Queeniness to summon our presence in less than an hour. And so, as dutiful subjects, we subjected to her request. (Heck, that's what a subject is for, right? No title even)

While this was going on, I was mesmerised
by this bottle of black pepper. From the looks
of it, its expensive and not only that its, not
Sarawak Black Pepper. What you're buying
is basically a plastic pepper grinder. But, no,
Wife refused to get one for me. Sigh.

While at the Kee Palace, the subjects are mingling
among themselves, biding their time, waiting for
something to happen.

Until someone came up with a bright spark...

And so, we all gathered together and raced
to an underground restaurant where you
get to sit among the cars over a 15 foot drop

The place is Pasta Zanmai. The deco looks nice
but because we're in a big crowd, the waiter
had no idea how to cater for such crowd so he
placed us outside. Outside as in carpark outside.
And it was very humid despite him pointing three
portable cooling fans at us.

Not only that, we had to wait quite a bit before the
food arrived. And so, here we are, sitting outsite a
carpark, breathing some exhaust fumes and hearing
car noises. Man, that experience really sucks.

But in the end, all the waiting was
worth it and we ate like Kings and
they gave us a hefty 60% discount.

Right. Not really. We were quite pissed and so, with
the food arriving, we ate. I am not
going to tell you
how delicious or what the
food experience was
because at that stage,
we do not really have the
mood for anything
else apart from eating the crap
shit and getting
out of there.

And so, would I recommend this place?

Do we like the food?

Do you like sitting on top of a
metal grating which shows a
wonderful 15 feet drop?