The smallest grape in the World

The girls were eating grape meant for wine making and
were amazed at the size of it.

Kaelynn found a smaller one. It was so small that
even her fingers were huge. Best of all, no seeds!

[Update] Here is a photo of those grapes

How rumours started.....

Deena: OK, I'm going to scout ahead. You check six
Luke: OK, and I sense something very strong....
Deena: .....right.

Spy Droid: Fwoar! Lookit whut the cam got! This guys a pervert!

There's somthing wrong with my Nokia 5800.....

Sigh. Its been months and I still have not had it sent to Nokia for diagnosis. The phone is so unpredictable these days. One moment, it could be playing MP3 songs and do not hang while we're taking photos. The, the phone either resets itself or when I enter the Internet, it kicks me out. Sigh. Sigh. Haiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And now, the camera.

If I look into Windows preview, the picture is there.
You can see Kristine licking her fingers (top left)

But when I clicked to open the picture, this is what I
got. Somehow the image got overlapped or something


Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Patriotic little Kristine showing her loyalty
to her country. But behind all this, there is
a secret. So secret that we don't know what
it was. But now I can reveal it.....

Yes, she is the Freedom Fighter.
A Fighter for a better place, a place
where Daddy does not scold her, a
place where you can eat as much
sweets and watch Channel 616 on
Astro as much as you want.
And here she is, vowing to keep
on fighting, even with a scratched
leg. See? Already got supporter too