Trip to Kota Bahru I

OK, today was a very long day. We had to go to a few sites, mainly in the East Coast Area. So, we had to start our journey very early in the morning (OK, 0945, la) for our first 1130 appointment in Kuantan to make sure the contractors are, well, contracted correctly and no mistkaes since our task would begin at the end of this month. After that, we drove on to our next destination, which is Terengganu.

This is the land of the Turtles and well, Oil. Going there was more of an eye opener because we assumed most of the towns there were quite, well, developed but then again, this is Politics. So, we reached our Terengganu customer by 1730 and luckily, even though they were closed, we were able to enter and check on their PBX systems. And by the time we reached our last destination in Kota Bahru, it was well past 9PM.

I have not seen any turtles before but I did experience a very different one years ago. In my ex-company, we were at the Cherating Beach during our Annual Trip, this guy got drunk. I am not sure if it was a act or because everyone there wanted to see a turtle, but whne he really got drunk with all the sponsored drinks, he dug a small hole and vomited into it. So, its like watching a turtle laying eggs at night. Euuuuuu.

And in our serach for a decent Hotel, we ran in to various packages being offered. From cheap rates to no hot water or common toilets. And then, the prices were either obscene or just laughable. In the end, we settled for "Crystal Lodge" since "Dynasty Inn" was full. I would have loved Dynasty Inn because it offered TmNET Hotspot (i.e. Wireless Broadband) But Crystal Lodge does have free Wifi but it was only available at the lobby. And I had to fight for my share at the common table and plug point which was just not worth it. So, we ended up watching (decent) Thai channels since Kota Bahru is so close to Thailand.

The cables in Kuantan (there were more hidden up the ceiling)

Onwards to Terengganu!

Yeah, onwards..............

This is Terengganu

Or shall I call it Petronas land?

Since I cannot show you the system, I can show you
what you should not do with the cables

Onwards to Kota Bahru. This is not haze but we passed by
some factory which was steaming/smoking timber.
I got my camera out just in time to miss the car
accidents on both sides of the road

There are a lot of these mini-huts/stalls where you can buy
stuff like weird liquids in a bottle, fruits and more fruits

This one was abandoned, lime many others

Yes, it was quite boring sitting in the car
So I decided not to read the manual and set the
camera to SLOW for a 3 second exposure