The Mini Perodua Kelisa

I just had to take this picture. After our exit from Mid-Valley, I asked my dad to park by the roadside while I went back in. The owner of this Perodua Kelisa had modified it to look like the Classic Mini Cooper.

Stupid Power Trip

It happened at about 0148 in the morning and the whole neighborhood was in darkness. Not thingking anything much about, I dedcided to go to sleep since the whole house was already cool with the raining still going on.

But throughout the night, the rain slowed to a drizzle and we all became hot. I was drifting in and out of sleep as Kristine was tossing and turning as she was becoming uncomfortable. Then when she woke up crying, I had to do something.

When I drew back the curtains, most of our neighbors had lights. So, this prompted me to check on the fusebox. Now, I am awake and can't sleep. Cheh.

[Update: 10.12.2005]
It was our 30-odd year old Carrier air-con which was giving problems. So, its time to change it. That also show how reliable Carrier is.

Astro's new decoder card?

I came across this funny looking card for the Astro decoder in one of the places which I have been but forgotten where it was. Know that a normal card does not look like this, thoughts of "The Cable Guy" came across my mind.

All I know is that this card will enable the user to watch other channels for free

I'd like to think it is what it is but chances are, its not

And PCB is so thin too
I'll bet the user has a lot of "extra" channels

Changing face of Pasar Road

I was there last week (and if I had the time, I would like to be there every week) and noticed that the Cinema, one of the landmarks of Pasar Road, has been torn down and a new buiding rose in its place.

I always liked to go there for one reason only: Electronic Components. Most of my projects and repairs come from shops there and to me, its heaven. However, not all components or things are worth buying and you must know your stuff.

What it will be, I am not sure

Somehow, I think it will be a single story building

The building was build as if to cater for a lot of small shops

The beggar had his hair cut and also decided to dry his herbs on the newly laid concrete walkway

The Little Angel

After our dinner, my Dad pointed out that the stage at Mid-Valley's Middle Court beautifully decorated and it would be nice to take some photos. For the past two years, Mid-Valley did have nice decorations for each Festival. This time, the setting was for Christmas. Unfortunately, I plainly forgot to take photos of Kristine in the Hari Raya decoration. You can imagine her sitting there, on the big swing............

Anyway, as the last event was completed for the night, a lot of people were rushing onto the stage (making all the "white snow" becoming grey). Some even took self portraits on their mobile phones (and a girl with armpit hairs are not a lovely sight) but mostly, it was families with kids.

Dad held her up after I spotted the feathers on the posts

I would like hang a rope on her for a better effect but there were too many people around and some might even report me to Child Abuse agencies......

Ye Gods! I haven't shaved for days!!!

The Butter Chicken Clalypot Rice

After my disppointment for not being able to attend the Gamecon-1, we settled down for dinner at the Oasis Food Court. Maybe its because I have been to the upper Food Court with the roof ceiling, the Oasis seemed too claustrophobic sometimes. And the lighting somehow looks quite dim too. Anyway, because of the long queue at the "Ikan Bakar" stall, I opted for the claypot rice again, which, as usual, did not have much customers.

I always have problems with Food Courts. This is because there are so much stalls, I cannot decide on what to eat and I usually ended up making a round or two before settling on something boring.

After taking my orders, he plonked my rice on the fire and continued his task...

Which is to remove the soot stuck in the rings of the gas burners.

Voila! A "delicious" Butter Chicken Claypot Rice

Gamecon-1 Mid-Valley

The Gamecon-1 is held at Mid-Valley's MVEC (Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre) for the 3-4th December weekend 2005. It is a convention where games, comics and every naughty little things I was interested in, was being held there.

And also, they had a space reserved for Malaysia's Star Trek fans too. Some even came all the way from Sabah and I was hoping to meet up with all of them too.

Unfortunately, my plan to get there at two in the afternoon ended in tatters and I only arrived at nine-ish at night, an hour before the convention closes. This was due to the fact that Kristine was taking her afternoon nap, I had to mop the floors and then we had to wait for her to finish her dinner when she woke up

I know, I could have a lot of fun there but sometimes, its not that easy when you have committments. Rats

The entrance looked a bit empty

I was just in time to miss something

Some had already left and the booth on the left had a RM150 Star Trek Enterprise NX-01
which I wanted to get. But if I went to the ATM four floors down and came back up, they would have closed shop already

This guy makes sure you pay RM5.00 (last evening reduced price already) before he lets you in