Trip to Genting: Day 2

Today, we all woke up to a nice cool weather. And unknown to me at the moment, I felt lumps in my inner cheek, which I thought nothing of it. Because, today is going to be a nice day where we can go swimming. However, by now, Kristine is very excited and also bubbly because she knows its a real Holiday for her. However, Kaelynn on the other hand, was quite moody and also needs to be pampered. But I try not to let her spoils everyone's day. I just have to make sure that I can find something to cheer her up and I am prying Mommy's Nokia 6300 away from her as I do not want her to be addicted on the games too much.

I know, I have seen this before, especially at Cameron
Highlands. But it makes you wonder as if we're all living
under a cloud or something else from some Lord of The
Rings fantasy world.

Kaelynn was the first to wake up and so, she gets to
enjoy the cool weather with Mommy on the balcony....

Before settling back to bed with Mommy's Nokia 6300.

She's getting addicted already.


To cut a long story short, due to the way we got our Hotel rooms, breakfast was not included and so, I offered to pay for it. Well, we all have to eat sooner or later. Anyway, when it comes to breakfast, especially a buffet breakfast, is a great way to enjoy the morning. Not because of the food (but it helps) but the company. I wished I had enjoyed it too but on the first bite and on the first swallow, my throat was filled with a great numbing pain. Something must have happened during the night. And my lips were getting dry as well.

This is my first haul from the counters; sausages and
potato wedges, where the latter gave me great pain in
the throat. As for the sausages, no one wanted them
and also, there were no mashed potaotes. Darn.

Mommy's curry something which looked
great but I found out its too painful for me.
Something must be happening to my mouth.

And as usual, Kristine ate her breakfast without much
problems, which is usually very unusual.

As for Kaelynn, well, see for yourself

She needs to be encouraged to eat her food. Some
how, I think both their brains were switched when
they were sleeping.

But when I say, "You can go play......"
they disappeared faster than the eye
can see.

Which reminds me, these also 'disappeared' and
then reappeared on out Hotel rooms. Hmm......

As usual, the only place the girls can play were on the
stage but this time, other children did not follow.
its because breakfast time was over.

Here, you can see Kristine is trying to encourage
her sister to get into the mood of things.

Sadly, after so many acrobatic skills which she
found out she never did had, it was all over and
its time for us to go back to our rooms.

Lunchtime swim
By Lunchtime, it was time to go for a swim. So, here were are, trying to get Kristine to practice her swimming. I was encouraging her to swim towards me as she had no confidence after she realised she forgot to bring her kicking board. Slowly, I got her to start from the edge and swim towards me. Everytime she was successful, I got a bit further away.

With us in the pool, Kaelynn was watching us, which
I suspect that she wants to come in too, but in the
kiddy pool. So, I got Mommy to take her back to
the Hotel room for her to change into her suit.

By this time, Kaelynn was ready and we all went into
the kiddy pool
We then encouraged Kaelynn
to dip in too. After that, her moodiness was gone.

took this shot while waiting for the
girls to change back into their normal
clothes. I am not sure why I always
like to take pictures of the pond.

Afternoon Activities
Ever since I came to this place in the 90's, they already have an arcade section. At that time, I was just a few machines but as time goes on, it increased to almost a full arcade lot. Unfortunately, not all machines are working and some of them had faulty or unresponsive controllers which wasted out tokens. Still, it was heaven for the girls because we're the only family around and they pretty much did what they wanted without bumping to anyone or wait in line. The bad side? They kept asking for tokens as if 'Money grew on trees'.

Naturally, I would be afraid of them doing this but
since its just a big swaying fibreglass chair and I
have all the tokens, I am not worried at all.

'Don't cross hands!' That's what my Scottish instructor
would tell me. Again, if they still drive like that when
they get their license in the future, I am going to hide
them and give them bus passes instead.

This was fun! But would run out of
very fast if we kept on
playing as it is very addictive.

I like them to play with guns if possible as it is
more fun than Barbies. heh. But I would stop
at this mainly because its tiring to carry them
up to 'adult eye-level' and also, I do not want
to see any aggressive behavior developing at
this time. I mean, she could get kicked out of
her school or worse, I might get sued.

And so, its back to the Hotel room until its time
for dinner where we decided to go to Gohtong
Jaya instead of Genting as everyone was still
very tired. Moreover, Dad's leg was swollen.

Bak Kut Teh Dinner
As evening drew closer, it was time for a nice warm or hot dinner. So, it could either be a steamboat, something with soup or something with something. But first, we need to get to a clinic since we want to see if there is anything to help keep Dad's leg from swelling too much and also, Kaelynn's slight fever. Made a mistake of leaving at 6 because that's when the clinic closes. And so, after asking around and also driving around the area twice, we settled for a Bak Kut Teh dinner with noodles. It was not easy to choose since every shop there was serving food and i felt like a Tourist in a foreign country. You know the feeling; how to have a nice meal without being ripped off along the row of shops. Unfortunately in this place, there was no MacDonalds...

Kaelynn's moodiness was lifted when I bought her
a Barbie mini jewellery set. This was also used to
distract her while Mommy dissolved the soluble
Panadol bought from 7-11 next door into the
orange juice as it was the only 'drug' available.

One thing I can tell you is that in this cold evening,
anything warm, oily and well, warm is delicious.

After dinner, we all decided that it was too late to
go up to Genting, even if we took the car.

I wanted to take this shot during Raya as the
small little speck was very prominent. Here,
you can just use your imagination. Maybe
next year, then.......

Back at the Hotel, I set up the tripod and
let the girls play with the Nikon remote.
It is very important for Kaelynn to go to
sleep in a happy mood. Trust me on this.

And so, the fun begins........

Well, you get the idea.

No need for me to bore you with tons of shots.

There I go again, another
pond shot.

Before we reached the rooms, we bumped into Dad's
old friend and so, after a few minutes of socialising, I
got the girls upstairs for their bedtime.

Bot not before I got this shot. My
ideal figure.......... not.