The RM3.75 haircut

Its surprising how time flies. Just last week, I calculated, the 22nd should be my third month which means I should be getting a haircut. But as soon as I ignored it and concentrated on my work, before I know it, in a few day's time, it would be the fourth month.

And so, I really had to have my hair cut. I mean, even without the air-con, its already hot in there and I don't really like cooked brains. Not only that, I am using shampoos and hair gels more than ever I should be. And so, I have to get the hair cut, even though it would cost me RM3.75 for the past four months instead of RM5. Once you know how much shampoo and hair gel costs, that is.

Still, all I have to do is to tell the guy (who don't remember me) to cut my hair just like the last time (then again, he can't even remember the last hairstyle three months ago). Looks are not that important anymore. Hey, I am married already, remember? Ha ha ha ha ha.

And for RM1.00 per minute, I am very close to
being a botak. It does make me look ugly but
then again, I can feel the wind blowing, cooling
my head. But the sweating is still there, though.

On the way back, I saw this grafiti
It's actually from Marvel comic's
Punisher. The dripping paint made
it more menacing.

At Toys r Us, the new NERFs are coming in and
they are not that aesthetically pleasing. But the
fragile looking ammo drum (right) looks nice. So,
I haveto get as much Longshots before they run
out soon. But at RM150.00 a pop its popping me.

This is Stereophonic sound........

Nothing lasts forever. If it did, everyone would go out of business and no one could even go to Hell. Take for example, this two year old headphones. I got them in 2007 for about RM35.00. And now, just look at it. Compared to my 15 year old Sony, this was nothing. The Sony would have lasted longer if I did not used it too often (Ha ha ha). Its one of those Bass Boost series (and the cheapest) which has a nice bass effect. That is, if I pushed the headphones further into the ear. Maybe I should not have done that because all the sweat and wax from the ears have rendered every metal component into mush and grime.

Maybe I should buy another one but right now, this month, I am very tight.

And so, as time goes one, the plastic hardens and
its a matter of time before the exposed wires go.