Going to the Kee Palace

Sorry but for these past few days, all I could even think was my mouth ulcers. Every waking moment, its always about them because of the pain. But it also makes you adapt to the situation, for example:

1) You have to puff of your cheeks so that they do not touch your teeth.
2) You suddenly know how to speak without moving your lips
3) Sometimes you speak as if you're gritting your teeth which people would respect because they think you're trying to keep you temper while talking to them.
4) You can always show them to your customer who then pity you and give you the order. Ha ha ha.

Tonight, is different because I am going to meet my Wife and the girls at The Kee Palace. And so, it is going to be a great night as fas as I can tell because everyone would be having a great time. Except me of course. Me and my mouth ulcers......

Kristine and her new cousin. We're trying to
make sure the two girls do not affect him too
much, knowing how crazy they can get when
they're too happy.

Me being a 'special case', Wife cooked porridge and
I was even served some herbal soup. Yum yum.

The girls were eating chicken and I took this shot
because Kristine was so engrossed in it, she did
not even notice the sound she made while going
through the bones. Kruuck.... krack....

Later on, as usual, they went through
their cousin's toy chest. Here, Kaelynn
is playing with wooden frogs which is
part of some pre-school teaching aid.

When I rushed back home, it was
another dose of Vitamin-C and so
it happens, I found a Kiwi......

Whoa! What a surprise! Another dinner with
herbal soup and porridge! And so, as usual, I
whack it all and went to sleep by myself but
with a bloating stomach full of liquid.

Mouth Ulcer 2

This morning, I took two of those Vitamin-C
tablets in the hopes of eliminating those very
irritating and painful mouth ulcers. But after
5 minutes, my mouth is still painful. And just
today, its was the worst morning I have ever
woken up to. So, I went to check in the mirror

Oh, come on! Another four?!!! WTF!

I suspect that this must be the main culprit
because on the week before, I was eating
them almost every night. It did not occur to
me until I discussed with my wife. Then it
all came back to me like it happened. A few
years ago, I had the same keropok and also
ended up with mouth ulcers but at that time,
they were minimal. OK, so this crap is banned
and now, I have to look for an enemy to give
it to......

More bang for the buck

While I was coming back from visiting my customer around the Jalan Raja Laut area, I went into one of the shops and came out with enough bang to level any 2mm tall living things.

Actually, if i want to console myself, this box
is not very big at all. No, sir. Just a tiny little
itty bitty box. Yep. A small box. And I did
not drop it either.

And in that small box, there were 50 other smaller
boxes which holds the goods. They're not very big,
almost the size of a matchbox. Not very big, no sir.
But then, for RM0.36 a box, I am not complaining
if Kaelynn loves to play with them. Just that I did
not bother to count how many were there in one of
those boxes.