Escaping a Police Summons

I was driving along the North-South Highway, coming back from Klang.

There was this Waja Police car, which overtook me and then went to my left. After a few minutes, they blared their siren which caught my attention. I looked at the driver and he motioned me to "move on".

Which I did.

Then the siren blared again and this time, he horned me. Which means I have to stop at the roadside.

After I stopped my car, I waited for them to come over. And I made sure by safety belt was still on.

Did I speed beyond 110 Km/h?
Something wrong with my Road Rax?
Was it my license plate?
Or was it my gold window tinting?

No, no, no and no.

The driver then asked me for my driving license and he looked at my car from all angles. What caught his eye were the huge boxes inside. So, after walking around my car, he said,

Him: "What is this?" [He pointed to the boxes in the rear]
Me : "Empty boxes, Sir. I am taking it back to our office's rubbish bin, on behalf of my customer"
Him: "Where's your Office?"
Me : "In Kepong, just a few more kilometres, Sir"
Him: You should be driving a van instead of a car. Where is your van?"
Me : "My staff took it and since it was an emergency, I had to use the car"
Him: "This is wrong (the boxes) I can give you a summons. You want summons or not?" And he is showing his summons book to you.

[This is the opening part where, if you are scared of the Law and think you are in the wrong and want to "settle" it, you have the chance to reply by saying, "Tuan, how to settle?"]

Since I was rushing back for our company meeting, I gave him a cocky* "I dare you" look and cooly said, "Saman la". I mean, if I am going to get summoned for a few empty cartons, might as well make full use of it.

The Police driver looked at me for a moment and then said, "OK, I give you back your license and if tomorrow I catch you, I will summon you"

And I smiled and said, "Thank you, sir."

But seriously, it is an offense to carry all that stuff and tools in a private car. I should be using a van instead. So, do not do this.

* - Tilting one's head to the left and looking at the subject on the right through the corner of the eye. Something which the Indian fella did in the Top Choc advertisement ("I voted for it)


"Please share this with everyone in the Office", I said to the clerk as I gave her the Cadbury's Chocolate bar I bought from the Airport on Sunday night. I walked away to catch up with the Office's status and the problem cases my technician encountered.

After more than 10 minutes, when I came back, the chocolates were literally gone. I was not happy how it was shared. You see, the big bar of chocolate has about 9 rows with 4 cubes each which is 36 cubes in total. So, the sharing was like this 2 rows (8 cubes) for each of the three girls and my tech and one row for me.

This leaves the Management with no chocolate.

I had to call them over quietly and ask them about the Management's and other staff's share. And all I got was that silent "Oops! You caught me with my hands in the cookie jar" look.

Maybe they're just young or really love chocolates. And this was not a test to see how they think.

But whaterever it is, indirectly, I now know how they think. Which is a big disappointment.