Pasar Malam or how we got 9 dishes for dinner

Today is Thursday and by luck, my last customer was in SS2's Chow Yeang, where there are Night Markets every Thursday. So, I decided to buy a some some food for dinner. It started with some Assam Laksa, then some Acar and before I know it, I carrying a lot of foodstuff. By the time I got back, we can open a small restaurant

01) Assam Laksa (another packet for tomorrow)
02) Crispy Popiah
03) Tou Fu
04) Some vege
05) Steamed chicken with ginger
06) Acar (in Fridge, for tomorrow)
07) Sambal (in Fridge, for tomorrow)
08) Duck's legs
09) Pig's ears
10) Pork with some black vege
11) Nangka (OK, this is fruit, for tomorrow)

So, my Mom won't have to cook for lunch tomorrow.

This is a Crispy Popiah stall where the lady prepares them at very fas speed.