Mid-Valley trip

We took a small trip to Mid-Valley with Kristine today. Nothing much but it was so exciting for her until she tried to climb out of the pram and nearly fell out. Yeah, out hearts skipped.

Maybe I can use some ot this when I grow up

And I am really getting sinking my teeth into it

My Daddy's favourite singer

I am bored. Mommy went shopping for so long

Time to put my leg up

Sugar and Babies just don't mix

Yeah, you heard me. We literally ran after Kristine trying to put on the Drypers.
It took us quite sometime as she was crawling non-stop

Using a toothbrush

Kristine, as usual, was up to her tricks again, to search for bottles in Mommy's shelf this morning. She has been crawling everywhere, trying to look for hidden treasures.

Listen, Boys and Girls, I am going to show you something

Yes, its a toothbrush, to keep your teeth clean

And you must have some toothpaste too

This is not how to use a toothbrush

And never use it to scrub the floors

When used properly, you will have clean and shiny teeth, like mine
(in a few weeks time).