And there she was.....

I was at Menara MPL, right across The Weld. Since luchtime was over and I was not feeling hungry (Honest!) so I decided to explore the place a little. There's not much shops but its enough to cater for the normal Office Lunch-time crowd. Yes, there are shops selling stationery, newpapers, VCDs and DVDs (office productivty coutermeasure device), snacks, mobile phones and even a PC shop. Since there are three floors, with the Grould floor being the "best" of the lot, I decided to see how other shops fared in the upper floors.

And there she was, coming out of the escalator. This girl is very different. You see, there are beautiful girls and then again, there are beautiful girls. And when it comes to girls, beautiful or not, I can't be bothered to look at them since I have too much work already. But what made me look at her was her plain-ness. She was actually a very ordinary looking, just like the normal Plain Jane next door. She had short hair, her walk was brisk, and she was wearing a pink kebaya which hid most of her womanliness. So, all the time I was looking at her, wondering which features made me stare like a gibbering baboon when it occurred to me............

That I have walked into another escalator coming down in the opposite direction.

A picture of a hot chick

Oh, look! A mini Nuclear bomb! Either that or its a new German teapot that automatically walks towards your cup when it needs refilling

No its not. Its a some kind of a leveling device, using lasers so that the contractors won't give you crooked ceilings and shelves, no matter how hard they try. And its very cool when switched on because internal servos will align the mirrors so that they're level with the surface

Stupid Proverb of the day:
A TV can never replace a good book and great imaginations unless there is a Playstation connected to it