How to appreciate expensive soup

We had another dinner, this time its at Bangsar Shopping Centre's Imperial room. And this is a very expensive place to be. Comparing it to, say, American Chilies is like comparing Peking Duck with Ramli Burger. (Ha ha ha)

The atmosphere here is quite nice for when you need to discuss .... things. The waiters are every so alert and almost at every two dishes, they change your plate. And if you're a very thirsty person, you'll feel almost quite at home as your tea will never be empty for more than 5 minutes. The best thing is, while you're waiting for your food, the appertizers on the the table,
apart from the steamed flavoured peanuts, they have some sort of kimchi dish which is very nice.

The girls are in their usual self, running and
talking excitedly and also insisting on seeing
the fish.

And then, they saw something which piqued their
interest. Do you want to know what it is?

Its a floating ... something....
And its wobbling here and there!

During the dinner, there were two types of soup.
With the first one, Kaelynn hated it while Kristine
loved it and on the second soup, the was the other
way round. Unfortunately, because of the two girls,
I had to do double duty which is to finish all 5 bowls
of soup.

And its not a pleasant thing because the first soup gave
me a burning sensation to both the throat and nose which
made me feel nauseous. Maybe because I skipped lunch
and so, the soup was very quickly digested. In the end, I
had to purge it all out. And before all the unpleasant contents
came out, it was precluded with thick phlegm. It was very
embarrassing as the meal itself came to more than three figures.

Guess who was the happiest that evening?

One last thing is that among other food that came, this
mango dessert was very very good. Unfortunately, they
put quite a bit of bitter pomelo in there. One scoop of
soft sweetness followed with some crunchy bitterness,

Drag racing

This is my car.
See my car.
It is very low.
Low, low, low.

Caught a tarp on the road
caught! caught! caught!
Dragged it for 10 kilometres
drag! drag! drag!

Stopped the car, pulled the tarp
Pull! Pull! Oh-oh!
Poor tarp got holed
Boo hoo hoo