Outside Phileo I

Its 930. Where is the customer?
I am at the Ground Floor.

Wow. Busy road in front of me.

My head turns
A black Honda/Camry/car braked for 12 metres

Why is he breaking?
Oh no! A bike!
An accident! Where is my camera!
In the basement carpark

OMG! A black round something rolled away from the car!
Then the car reversed 2metres, something raised up
Two legs forming a V-shape against the plastic orange divider
I can't take this
Too long to take my camera

OMG! OMG! OMG! He is dead!
More cars stopping
This is not what I want to shoot pictures at

What is this?
A man helping another to rest on the roadside!

The guard near the Ticket booth ran down
He came back up
He is not so sad

The motoryclist is alive
But his face is gone, he said
The Black car driver took him to hospital

The wrecked motorcycle is laid on the side
Useless and expensive to repair

Then my customer arrives
Life goes on