The Show

And so, with nothing much to do, since we stopped them from watching TV too much (unless they escaped to Grandma's room during the day), I let the girls play in the room. Lately, Kristine has started to wear the "jacket" again. Which belong to either me or my sis when we were babies. She wears the jacket to represent long hair.........

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a show for you.
Its all about me, Kristine, who will dance and sing for you

"But I want to sing and dance too."
"No, you go to the back and play the guitar or whatever"

"Hmmph. I will get her for this."

And so, Kaelynn stole the show with her cute cute smile

And also her singing. Kristine is starting to realise the
audience is not paying attention to her.....

And so, as usual, a fight ensued.

But in the end, the Evil In the End, Kristine
agreed to give Kaelynn more time for her show.

And she even shared her treasures with her

Unfortunately, Kaelynn was so distracted, she was knocked
down with Kristine's super duper armpit pillows.

The End