Customer Service

I had a nice surprise today, from Angie in SS2 (Tele Networks @ 03-78759798) who said that my Sony Ericsson T630 can have its firmware upgraded to the latest revision, which means I can change the ringtones for my SMS! I was so excited that I forgot to backup all my phonebook the day before (OK, I should have done this last week) so I had to transfer the most important numbers I can think of, to my iPaq via BlueTooth. Ha ha ha ha. But still, this is very good of Angie as she really kept her word that she would call me after checking with Sony Ericsson a few days ago. Try buying stuff from other people and you'd know firsthand the meaning of broken/forgotten promises. Try Angie and you will not be disappointed.

The Con side? My phone would only be ready next week Tuesday and Angie was unable to get me a loaner (Mobile Phone) as one of her customer lost it.

Still, this is very good customer service, because it made you feel important. And as I was driving away, I noticed that my car has clocked 190,000Km and I have missed my timing belt and engine oil change. Haih