ProLink USB Wifi 802.11g

My FujiFilm was running low of battery so I decided to look for fresh ones while everyone was still at Hartz's. When I came to the bottomost floor, I stii could not find any Energiser E2, so I decided to try my luck at Sunway Piramid's IT Centre, and stopped at the Multigallery Computer shop. (Bad move, ha ha ha)

Instructions, cables, the device and CD-ROM

Man: Yes, can I help you?
Me: I am looking for a USB Wifi thingy
Man: Here you go, this ok?
Me: Wah! RM149!!!
Man: I can give i to you for RM85 *wink* *wink*
Me: Hmm... (Going into stupid mode now: "Wah, more than 40% discount! Must buy! Must buy!")
Got any other, ah? How come you dun sell that 3Com wun?
Man: The PCMCIA version?
Me: Yeah, the one with retractable antenna lor
Man: Oh, that one, they don't make anymore them and also expensive ler. Summore its only "b" version
Me: OK, I take this one, then

After a bit more chatting, I nearly bought the RM249 USB Wifi (which comes with Lifetime warranty) and also a RM25 3.5 inch portable Hard Disk case (The Sony VIAO casing looked nice but then, what would I do with this case?). That Jerry guy was a damn good salesman, I tell you. Yeah, I can be in a very good mood if the Sales Person knows their stuff and do not patronise you. All you need to do is to show the customer your wares, the price and let them make their own decision. And if you did disagree, at least tell them honestly, why. Don't just float around like a parasite and, "Yes? Can I help you?"and look blur once the customer becomes technical.

First Anniversary Blog

It just occurred to me that I started blogging on 6th December 2004. Its more than a year already and after more than a thousand photos, its getting a bit tiresome.

I can't even concentrate on my Website too

Maybe I should just stop and do something else................

Kristine's Big Day

Today is Kristine's Big Day and she is one year old.

Loads of Buds Ice Cream I got from my customer yesterday

Krsitine's starts her day with some nutritious milk

Then its the Sunday papers

She wasn't feeling well for the past week
See the booger on her blocked nose?

Its yellow!

Kristine's Birthday Lunch at Hartz's Chicken Buffet at Sunway Piramid

Then its cake cutting in the evening

She is quite deft with the knife. Not!

Yep, she loved the cake.
A lot