Holiday in Cameron Higlands Pt. I

My Boss and I have one common problem: We have too much Annual Leave. Yeah, even if I decided to take three days off, I still have about close to three weeks. Anyhoo, Boss and the new clerk have devised a new scheme that all of us would be able to take 50% of our remaining Annual Leave to the next year and the remaining 50% would be given as cash instead. Wow. But although it sounded too good to be true, I need to sit down with the clerk to work out the mechanics before it can be officially be implemented.

Anyway, I took three days off (for the moment) since my Wife wanted us to go to Cameron Higlands for a short holiday. And all of a sudden, our company were deluged with a lot of service calls. Yeah, tough call, I was about to make up my mind to tell my Wife that I cannot go (and risk being killed by her) until my Boss told me to take the holiday since I rarely take anytime off. "Its good for the Wife and Kids", he said.

Unlike Genting Highlands, Cameron is still cold, even at almost 1500m above sea level. The only difference is that Cameron has no Casinos and so, everyone took up farming on the hill slopes to pass the time. In this ideal temperature, vegetation bloomed, especially the strawberries (never mind if does tastes sour). So, this is a great place to get your vegetables, flowers, fruits and the famous BOH Tea.

As soon as we came off the Simpang Pulai exit,
we stopped at the first eating shop because I'm
not going to drive into Ipoh town for good food.
And as luck would have it, Kristine had chicken
feet for lunch again.

And er, Kaelynn, got bored after she finished her lunch first. So,
she decided to do some exercise.......

Before going into the Cameron Highlands route, we stopped by to
get some pomelos. Just as soon as we stopped the car, a lot of
beautiful girls came out of their stalls. But we only go to one, which
was manned by a lady since my parents always go to that particular
stall. I took the photo of another stall in case you all recognise the
ones which we always go to........ Ha ha ha ha ha!

OK, the route from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands is fantastic!
All the curves and bends, just like the East-West Highway from Kota
Bahru to Grik. I mean, if I drove my Satria there, I would be smiling
from ear to ear. But since there were six of us in the car, I cannot do
what I like as their lives were on my hands.So, the only fun I got was
to play with the automatic gears and also the O/D button.

Since it was rainy, there were a lot of mists and slippery roads

And the effect on Kristine, well, suffice to say, her lunch became take-away.

By the time we reached Brinchang, it was raining. And the mood is
exactly like when I was in Scotland, and mind you, this, according
to the Scots, is normal day!

Kristine and Kaelynn when we got to our
destination. Its strange as we had to travel
down South to Tanah Rata for the keys for
the partment in Brinchang (North) and to
do this in the rain which is biting cold is not
a very nice feeling. So, I sent my Wife instead

As soon as I saw that all the windows were not fitted with grills,
I had to make sure the girls do not leave my sight and they are
not to play (as in jump) on the beds near the windows. I mean,
its more than a three storey drop from here.

For the rest of the afternoon, we decided to rest for a while (luckily
the apartment had Astro) before exploring the town and buying
some stuff for dinner. One thing I like about this apartment is
that everything was provided, from the gas stoves (with gas)
to soap (but no towel) to a fully working fridge to water heaters,
the works. I mean for RM250 a day, its worth it. Trust me on this.

And so, between rain, we explored the Brinchang Night Market.
I hate being soaked with cold water. It dampens my mood.

And dinner for the night? I got a box of deep fried prawns and crabs.
So we all added them to our Maggie mee and sweetcorns

I left my watch for more than half an hour to get a better
temperature reading. When I was in UK, I hated the cold

And for about 15 minutes, I left it in a bowl of water (straight from
the tap). And this is the average temperature in the UK during the
Summer. So, even when the Sun is out, its still cold.

While waiting for the watch's temperature to settle, I decided
to check on my Nikon remote and the stupid plastic thing got
broken. Me and my itchy fingers! Damn it!