Toilet for everyone

Now, watch Daddy take off his pants and then you
also do the same. No, don't look at
the banana....

Cracked Screen

This is something that always happened to 'other' people except me. And then, today, I just happened to be that 'other people'. And it came out of the blue. All I did was to drive at the normal speed limit and then the crack sound happened. So, it must be the lorry in front and not the cars since I did nothing to offend them. I tried to spot for any mischievous beings with an elastic stone launcher but there were none.

And so, I had to drive slowly, with fears in my head that the crack will spread to the rest of the windshield. Sigh. And its just only a month Vee-chai and I had each other....

This is the crack on the glass. If I were not that
paranoid, I would say that someone is trying to
kill me with a stone.

Its very big, about the size of a 10sen coin.
Big enough to spread the damage.

And so, after calling Glass Breakers, they told me to
try putting a cellophane tape to the glass until they
can come over. The tape is to keep the dirt out.
Which is a simple thing to do until...

Cats and Dogs came about, that is. A few swipes and
the cellophane tape was gone....

So, I dunno. I mean, I have driven Perodua cars before and to tell you the truth, they always have problems with their windscreens.Years ago, when I drove my ex-Boss's Kenari, all it took was just a small pebble from a lorry to start a small crack. The problem with this one was that it has extending fracture lines and in a few hours, the (cracked) line spread to across the screen. Vee-chai was luckier because it was just a cavity. And suspecting the screen was not covered, I confirmed with the Glass Breakers to get it fixed asap.

On my Bengmobile, it would have just shrugged off the pebble with no problem even though the sound of the impact scares the hell out of you. Anyway, they SMS-ed me not to slam the door and to leave a gap in the window so that the air pressure in the cabin is the same. This is because once you close the door or slam it, the pressure inside pushes the glass which then complicates the problem with the windscreen.

Vee-Chai's Liquid Diet

Well, I am still over the moon on this. I mean, this is the first time that I have ever seen a car going 360-odd Km on a single RM50 (26.3 Litres) fill. OK, so there might be other cars which could do better (or worse like Bengmobile I). However, have to take into consideration that the petrol it was drinking happened to be RON97.

Which, in my most honest and humble opinion as a normal driver, RON97 does jack-shit to fuel injection cars. You won't feel much difference except for a slightly muted 'oomph' feeling to the car. I was my fault because I did not notice that the only free pump in the whole of the Petrol Station had RON97.

You know when there is a speed where an Auto car 'cruises' without you having to press on the accelerator? with RON97, it was about 80Km/H while with RON95, it was slightly above 60. That is the only difference I can tell. Ha ha ha ha. So, for me, for now, its a waste of money.

RON97 went this far

So, I refilled with RM50's worth of RON85 again

Suddenly, a few Km out of the station, the tank was
full..... hmm.... So, lets see how RON95 fares

Stupid acts of brilliance

Ever do something stupid at least once a year? OK, so you might have been doing stupid things throughout the year but there will be one so stupid, you will remember it for a long time, until that is, you either did something else that was stupid too or its time for mum-mum (eating).

I wanted to close the drawer but the spoon was in the
way. If I was not feeling so stupid this morning, I would
have slipped the spoon in and THEN close the drawer.
Instead, I watched the drawer close and crack the
spoon, stumped for a few seconds as if I have never
seen a drawer closing in my whole life...