Sardine Curry Puffs at Damansara Uptown II

OK, I am a bit tired of the sardine curry puffs as I have been to that place almost three to four times a week now. So, one day, I decided to try something different, which is their vadaai. And boy, its great! Yes, it is a bit weird because this is an Indian delicacy but here, the couple have managed to make their own version. I would suggest you to try it.

At first, it looks like those chicken nuggets with breadcrumbs.
But just tell her, you want the vadaai "tiada lubang" and she
will pick them up for you, at RM1.00 for three.

The best part is when you take the
first bite. Its crunchy on the outside
but soft and a bit garlicky inside. In
other words, wonderful! Bear in mind
though, it must be eaten hot.

By the way, the GPS coordinates are:
There. Managed to get a shot of the van. But its late
in the evening and the lighting is not that wonderful.