The Pen is mightier than the...

Sometimes, I wondered; 'Is there any other pen better than my RM3.80 Misubishi Uni Laknock?". The answer, usually, is, a deafening 'No'. Why? This was because i have grown accustomed to the Laknock for years. This is what I loved:

1. Writing is smooth
2. It is a ballpoint pen
3. You click on the end tip to reveal the pen
4. It comes in 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1.0mm

However, there is a downside to this pen too:
1. Once you drop it, say goodbye to smooth writing
2. Not all paper can be written, eg. ThermoFax paper.
3. The price

But one day, I caved in. Yes, I bought another pen, which in my mind, was THE replacement to the Laknock. Suffice to say, if you take a look at the pen below, you would have screamed, 'No!' at me till my ears ring.

On first impression, it looks very elegant, like those
Porsche items. And the shade of the nice metallic
weave inside the glass body is nice. In order to get
the pen working, you need to twist it. However, if
you twist it on the opposite direction, you would
be effectively unscrewing the pen. An action I am
not so used to since all my pens are clickables.

And OK, so by now, you know its from China and
the good thing is, the pen's refill can be obtained
from almost anywhere since it is copied from a
well known brand.

And so, I tested the pen against my Laknock.
The writing is not so smooth and sometimes,
it 'jerks'. You can see this affects my writing.
On the bottom is the one done with Laknock.
I suppose I could buy a decent quality pen
refill but then, it would cost more than the
pen itself. Such is the dilemma of MIC products.

And so, despite my trying to come up with a nice
excuse for buying this pen, the Laknock wins
hands down.

So, what made me go for this pen in the first place? OK, so the design looks good but because its made of metal and clear plastic (Sorry, no glass), its heavy like heck. Its like carrying a heavy pipe on your front shirt pocket.

Mysteriously, after this small comparison, the Pen disappeared mysteriously, never to be seen again. Then again, this is a Made in China product, which nowadays, is generally cheap and has no value. I wonder why...