Fun before bedtime

Kristine found a piece of cloth and wears it like
a sarong, a cape and even for peek-a-boo

While Kaelynn smiles for the camera

The Poo-poo before Dinner

Never poo-poo before dinner because.......

Daddy will clean you up, and make you wear the
bib over your towel

The Playmates Tricorder VI

I went to the laser-cutting shop today and found out that there was a problem: Their laser-cutter was not working. We discussed on the design and he will try to cut it, (with the right measurements) once the machine is up and ready. And he will discuss the price with me later.

Ouch. I just hope its all in time before November 4th. Anyway, they also had a vinyl cutter which he claims, uses some file format from CorelDraw, which I have absolutely no idea. I'll just have to save the design in all the available formats by Sketchup and give it to him to try the next time I come to collect the acrylic piece.

Once good thing about them is that you can send the design via E-Mail or use your thumbdrive to discuss stuff with them. Its also good to brincg your Notebook as well for any last minute changes but I think that would not be necessary as I wll try to convince them to use the free Google Sktechup software.

Anyhoo.... this is a vinyl sticker design for the front of the Tricorder which you can just stick it and hope it will cover up all the accidental cuts or wrong holes. Ha ha ha ha

This is how the front would look when I am finished and
also how the laser-cut sensor piece would fit (top left)