Just when you wished everything would go your way

My Boss and I had one of our (five times a week) weekly chat (when I cannot get away from the office fast enough. Ha ha ha). The thing is, there is some problem. And so, we have to have a few things straightened out, mainly to save more costs. But there is another matter:

One of our friend turned ex-colleague turned competitor is going through a rough patch. Apparently, her (only?) partner is giving her problems and there is a real possibility of a split in their company. Since we do not know much about their company structure, we can only speculate. But what they have done, was not good. They know we are diligently servicing a very big customer and therefore, through an insider, they went it. Which is fine for us. But what really made matters worse was that they did not consult us about the pricing nor the 'permission" to quote the customer, which in the end, spoilt the "market". And because everyone in the industry knew about our customer, questions were raised in the sense, why did she go in without our "blessings"?. So, we know they have a few

Since the technical part of that company is having problems and my Boss refused to answer her calls, I guess some of their cases "stolen" from us needs to be fulfilled for that customer. And soon too. Too bad, because both as a friend and as business rivals, the bridges have been burnt and we do not want to have anything to do with them at the moment. My guess is, the technical personnel wants to increase his share of the company and more authority. This is the reason why I did not fight for my share here, but instead, work as an employee despite what everyone believed. I know the history of everyone who came out and why partnerships among the sales and technical when setting up the company would never last long, maybe, after two years. Because once the money (or lackof it) comes into the picture, everyone wants the biggest share possbile and with their Ego, more power in the company.

Whether this is good for us or not, we do not know. But what I do know is, the customers are not paying our bills. Guess my salary will be late again. sigh.

Haih. I want things to look up in the
company so that I can get more
money but things are going

Thanks to giorgio11185!

My package arrived yesterday! And after opening it and tested the device, my only regret was that I should have bought more! giorgio11185 does free shipping but you would have to wait for at least a month (or less). The reason I wanted this is because in Pasar Road (at the moment) do not have current meters that comes with blue 7-segment LEDs. OK, right now, I am heading over to giorgio11185's stall on eBay........

And so, I am now one step closer to my PC PSU project. All I have to do now is to make the variable voltage circuit and also wait for the metal

This is what came in the package. I did not show the
documentations. The red item is a gift from giorgio
which is very very nice.

The back of the panel is slightly different from my red
7-segment LED voltage panel. When I have the time,
maybe I will open it but I suspect its the ICL7107 IC

Power it up and voila! Two meters with different colours!