Popping pills with the Avon Lady

I was with one of the customers a few weeks ago when I happened to see this pill case at the Reception. So, after asking around (and cutting the story short), she pormised to get at least two for me. And when it came, I was both happy and well, a bit dismayed. You see, I wanted to use this as an accessory box for my Office so that both of us can carry small things. On second thoughts, pink might not be a good idea

This is a very cute pill box and it has a lot of compartment
You can place your pills in order for almost every day/occasion
(but if you don't know your ABCs....)

The other compartment is for larger stuff

What I liked about this box is that all the hinges are
from metal and not those flimsy moulded stuff which
tends to break after you use it too often

Sadly, I have to keep my existing box.....

While Kristine plays with the new one

The Meter is your Best Friend

Trust me, in my line of work, the Multi-meter is a very important tool. It can (roughly) tell you if your Earthing is good or not, if the LED is working or not, whether the power is Live, etc. So, it must always be in working order. All the time.

But because it lug it around, and then drop it, it tends to give up after sometime, and I have to replace it on an average of one and a half years. I always choose this model because it has a protective cover. Because most of the time I am dealing with fast signaling, I have to use this analogue meter as the digital version is never fast enough, unless you have a lot of money.

So, in this case, analogue wins hands down.

The new one is on the right and both are copykats from
the Original Sanwa model. And they're damn reliable
until you drop them from three floors or so

The reason apart from protecting the meter, is to
act as a stand as well

And like all meters, it is advisable to put it in the "OFF"
position when you're not in use even though it does not
use much power

The creativity of the pirates

Sunglasses in the House

Kristine was always playes with Mommy's sunglasses in the car, so we got her her very own pair yesterday at Carrefour. Since it was so cheap, I cannot expect it to have UV protection, etc., because those would cost RM19.90 upwards. So, the glasses are to be played indoors and not outside since it would affect her eyes. (due to the UV from the Sun)

And after 10minutes of fun, the glasses are "forgotten". Sigh. Luckily, we did not get those expensive ones.

Kristine decided to let Kaelynn wear them for awhile
even though it was upside down

Oh, we have a rock star in the house!

This reminds me of some Chinese bald kid
who used to be in a lot of those Kung-Fu films

And then, it was her turn. There were other photos
but she was too fast and it all came out blurry