A trip to the local comics store

Yes, its one of those times I have to go to my local comic shop since they have sent me a warn...er, friendly reminder to pick up my stuff. Since I am so busy, going there once a month is like an annual prilgrimage. And everything seems to change.

And then I spied on this figure. This is the action figure of Captain Picard who has been assimilated into the Borg Collective and given the designation of Locutus in the episode "Best of Both Worlds I & II". The Borg then used all the information within him to attack the Federation. At Wolf 359, the Federation suffered heavy casualties when they tried to stop the Borg cube from advancing to Sector 001. Anyway, since no one has reserved for it, I decided to take the figure, "It was reserved for the right person" they said. Since it was a Previews Exclusive, there were no other figures, such as Riker, etc. Yeah, I don't care as Star Trek merchandise is hard to come by here in Malaysia.

This is Art Asylum's new Star Trek action figure. And its a Previews exclusive
But it does not make any difference to me.

Nice or not?

The sculpt is quite good but he looks a bit too friendly

The price cost me only a leg since they gave me an arm back

On the way home in the evening, these two Pakistani buggers were unlucky

Trip to Kota Bahru IV

[Belated post]
On our return trip, we;re not going to use same route but rather, across to Perak (Kuala Kangsar) instead. So, the destinations are:

Kota Bahru->Rantau Panjang->Jeli->Gerik->Kuala Kangsar->Home (about 11pm)

The reason we're doing this is because we wanted to see the stuff being at Rantau Panjang, which is close to Thailand border (you can go in and out from here) and also to the Temenggor Lakes. I am not sure about names and all, as I lost the Map book. In actual fact, it is about taking the East-West Highway. Maybe on our next trip end of this year, I would have more stuff to blog about.

This is the only place you can stop, take a coffe break and
admire the view

That is, until you read this sign

If I had a proper setup or know how to use the camera,
this would be a very wide and deep valley

Onwards to the first bridge

This is a splendid view but the Haze is making it look horrible
I can imagine how it would look like when the Sun comes up
in the misty morning

The Orang Asli are doind brisk business selling some stuff
which is going to be make into somekind of perfume
I did not take more picture because the guy in
blue was holding a very big axe

This is the shot from the second bridge after we passed the island

OK, which one is more accurate?

After this, the rest of the trip went downhill (Ha ha ha)

We're past Gerik and looks like its about to rain

Damn! 5 more hours to go!

Trip to Kota Bahru III

[Belated post]
By the time we arrived in Kota Bahru, it was about 9 in the evening. So, we had to look for a decent Hotel. We boy, the deals we got was really an eye opener. You either have cheap rates or really expensive ones. Then you can have toilet in the room or a common toilet. You can even have one without a hot water (faulty). In the end, we went to Dynasty Inn (with TM Hot-spot) but it was full, so we settled for Crystal Lodge (with Wi-Fi limited to Hotel lobby).

By the time we finished with our customer, we decided to have a looksee before making our trip back to KL. So, we stopped by one of the Auto Accessory shop we saw on the way.

This is really an automatic gate. First the sensor at the bottom detects your car and alerts
the hotel staff who then views the image from the CCTV at the top. The same goes for
when you want to come out. I did not notice this last night until in the morning

This is the gate opener at the Hotel Counter

I am not sure what traspired between the car owner and the renovation staff

This is one of the Auto Accessory shops we went to and is now hiring
Ha ha ha ha ha

It has a lof of good front lip fibres

And a lot more at the back

And even more further back

And some choice selections of rear wings

And even more choice selections

In the end, we knew I cannot carry those fibreglass, I end up buying
this plastic meter holder for RM39.00. An "original" fibreglass one
would have cost me well about RM1,000. Yeah stupid.

Trip to Kota Bahru II

[Belated post]

By the time we're halfway to Kota Bahru, it was already turning dark. So while my colleague was driving, I decided to play with my camera setting, which is to let the shutter open for a maximum of 3 seconds. Ha ha ha ha ha and he thought I was nuts.

But by the time I'd gone through the whole memory card, my back and fingers were sore because I was holding the camera solidly against the car's dashboard. Now, I think I was nuts.

Passing by a shop

Going through a Highway

Erm, I forgot that this was, even after I shook my head

Passing through a Malay stall
(which usually have coloured fluorescent lights as deco)

I shook the camera as if it was a cat while behind another car

Passing through a green light
(Missed the chance to catch it when the lights switched)

Bumpy road

Bad Start to a wonderful day

I was driving to work along Jln Kepong and 100 metres after the Jinjang traffic lights, I needed to get to the left lane. So I signalled. And when I was halfway across the lane, the stupid van came to my left. He was so close, he knocked my left wing mirror and made me hit those innocent orange dividers. I was shocked for a moment, then my killer instinct kicked and I dropped gear to speed up and cut in front of him, used my Spaz shotgun and killed him at close range. Then I rammed his van until it veered to the side of the road and burst into flames.

Yeah, right. I wished. So, I chased up after him, did my emergency brake and he was shocked because I can see his van almost standing still (OK la, maybe his engine mati). Then, he chased after me like a pondan. And at the traffic lights, he tried to come up close to me to intimidate me but I refused to look at him. Then he tried to stop me from turning to another left lane again not knowing I want to turn to the right. Ha ha ha ha

Then came the second incident.
I was in the other toilet. This is the one where you need to squat and I hated this. Anyway, after a long and painful orgy, the chocolate cake, the size of my fist, came out. And as I watched it slowly made it way to the hole, I was thinking, whether I should be wasting water if I wanted to hose it down. Anyway, it went down with a huge "plop" sound. Which was fine with me.

Then, a few seconds later, a crockcroach came out of that hole, most probaby wondering who made the delicious chocolate cake. I panicked and used up more water to hose it back to where it came from.

Yeeesh. Anyway, with luck and my Home Minister's approval (Actually, she said, "Maybe"), I could be at The Curve this afternoon for the following event: