Trip to Kota Bahru IV

[Belated post]
On our return trip, we;re not going to use same route but rather, across to Perak (Kuala Kangsar) instead. So, the destinations are:

Kota Bahru->Rantau Panjang->Jeli->Gerik->Kuala Kangsar->Home (about 11pm)

The reason we're doing this is because we wanted to see the stuff being at Rantau Panjang, which is close to Thailand border (you can go in and out from here) and also to the Temenggor Lakes. I am not sure about names and all, as I lost the Map book. In actual fact, it is about taking the East-West Highway. Maybe on our next trip end of this year, I would have more stuff to blog about.

This is the only place you can stop, take a coffe break and
admire the view

That is, until you read this sign

If I had a proper setup or know how to use the camera,
this would be a very wide and deep valley

Onwards to the first bridge

This is a splendid view but the Haze is making it look horrible
I can imagine how it would look like when the Sun comes up
in the misty morning

The Orang Asli are doind brisk business selling some stuff
which is going to be make into somekind of perfume
I did not take more picture because the guy in
blue was holding a very big axe

This is the shot from the second bridge after we passed the island

OK, which one is more accurate?

After this, the rest of the trip went downhill (Ha ha ha)

We're past Gerik and looks like its about to rain

Damn! 5 more hours to go!

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