Going to a friend's house

Yeah, Kristine was running and screaming with excitement all over the place once she has warmed up to the place. So be warned, never be TOO friendly with her. There is a picture where she was playing with the curtains and its best that we forget about it.

Here, she is holding Mommy's phone and she
is actually saying "uh huh, no, no, no, no. Ha ha ha ha"
just like us when we're on the phone

Kristine tying out other people's toilet

And having fun at MacDonalds

Because the "special" ice cream was not available
I opted for the McFlurry which when Kristine saw
it, it was not mine anymore.

Clumsy me

OK, I am bored. This is a filler blog, OK.

When it comes to stairs, there are only two things I can do with them; either I trip and fall or have vertigo when I look down. But today, this is something new. I scraped my heel

Thanks to Hansaplast, the bleeding has stopped but
you can still see the blood being soaked up by the
mini tampo....er cotton
Yeah, this is how it happened. There was a cable holder
at the bottom edge of the stairs. So when I put my leg
too close, it became a heel scraper. I lost about 2cm
worth of skin and lots of DNA material. Looking
back at the scraped skin, its quite thick

This is how it looked after 24 hours and it hurts
like the dickens. And I used up to about four
Hansaplasts already

Kaelynn on a Saturday

I can't resist it. She looked so cute when she just
woke up and grabbed the hammock

Later on, she crawled to my leg
(and deposited some half-digested milk)

And here she is again, this time at the dinner table