A visit to the Doctor

Today, the two little monke...er, girls were on a very good mood. But that will change when we bring them to see Dr. Lim for their shots. Bwahahahahahaha!

While Mommy was freshening up, Kristine and Kaelynn shared some
playtime together.

Kristine made sure Kaelynn would wet herself on Dr. Lim's lap

This is Kaelynn's first time on a jumper suit
(also my first time dressing her in it. I thought it was a long T-shirt, OK?)

After receiving her shots (badly), I took her to 7-11 to calm
her down but she took two Apollo biscuits instead

And by the time we came back to Mommy, her sugar level
was increasing

So, we stopped her from eating the second Apollo biscuit

But we forgot about the sugar in the Kickapoo........

Kristine created havoc in the waiting room, especially after
snatching the newspaper I was reading

Kaelynn took two injections but did not cry. She smiled at
Dr. Lim instead. Then its off to Starbucks for a late lunch

Yes, her sugar level is still high

For those who are experienced, you WILL know this facial
expression well by now

2 Kids + 3 injections + Dr.'s fees = OMFG! + VISA - SE W710i (I wanted to buy)

It was good that Kristine decided to sleep it off on the
way back. (after we changed her nappy in the car in
full view of the student nurses)


There will come a time when your own children would ask you for money. Just like when you asked your own parents for money. Trust me, its a hereditary thing.

Anyway, after we got some saving boxes for both Kristine and Kaelynn, and Kristine loves money. Not because of its value (thank God) but because of the ker-plunk sound when the coin drops into the box. So, everytime it goes into the slot, Kristine would make the sound, "te-koong".

Unfortunately, this action, a novelty for Kristine, is getting too expensive for me. And we're supposed to try to teach them to save money (that came out from my pockets, alas)

This is Krsitine's coin box

Here is 10 sen for you. te-koong

Here is 20 sen for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!" (Daddy, Want money!)

Here are more coins for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!"

Here is a 50 sen for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!"

Here is another 50 sen for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!"

What? You want more money, ah? I have given you Rm 2.00 already

You cannot use the computer and hack into the bank, Dear.
It won't give you any money either

Unfortunately, I keep hearing "Daddy! Oi Money!" for the rest of the night, which I should never hear it until she is at least 18.