Three years too late.....

Sometimes, kids being kids can really make you go driving. Driving up the wall, that is. You leave them alone to their own devices and give them some simple instructions, they take things literally. And thats when trouble starts.

Mommy let them play with the cupcake paper thing.
The next thing you know, they're all over the place.

But once they behave themselves, they are Angels. Trust me on this. And all the angst and curses that bottled inside you, will disappear. Until their next stunt, that is. Anyway, tonight I let them install the educational CD on my Notebook. This was three years too late. We have a PC but the monitor broke. Then we used the remaining PC but there were no speakers. So, now, with the new Job where I do not have to use the Notebook much, its perfect for them. Moreover, I do not have to owrry abour data loss anymore since I am not storing any critical customer data unlike my last job. But, unfortunately, because Kristine is now older, the CD is not meant for her anymore as she breezed through them. So, its now more for Kaelynn, who is the ideal candidate. Plus, the mini games help in improving her hand-eye coordination.

I let them install those education CDs on my Notebook
And them let them play by themselves, with explicit
instructions not to destroy the Notebook or start a fire

This is too easy for Krsitine

Awwww....... isn't that nice.
Kristine guiding Kaelynn on one of the mini games

Almost there........

Its not easy concentrating on anything when your foots swollen and in pain. What with the girls running around, causing mischief and grief everywhere really slowed down my progress. But anyway, with this month's salary, I was able to purchase more components and add them to the boards. And so, as the design goes, it has four Navigation and Strobe modes for each different Enterprises, from the TMP, ST:VI, NX-01 and the 2009 JJPrise. And after doing the cables, and all ready to do a test run, problems started:

There is a design flaw as there was insufficient current
from the transistors for the LEDs. I have to change the
resistor value (red pentagon) as the REd leds are taking
so much current that the other LEDs have gone dim.
This would mean changing that resistor for all the PCB
boards. Haih. And it worked perfect during prototyping

Well, at least its working now, and I am going
to leave it overnight to see how things are. I
noticed the voltage regulator is quite warm,
something which did not happen during my
prototyping stage. Maybe its because the
room I was in was air-conditioned.

Just like me

Kristine scratched her wrist on a container and
cried. So, I rushed for the antiseptic cream while
Mommy washed her wrist. And what did Kaelynn
do? She took my Nokia 5800 and start to take
pictures of the wrist. "Just like Daddy" complained

They play my Nokia anywhere II

Yep, even on the floor, before bedtime, as they
discovered Wonder Girls music video courtesy
of blueyebabe.

Rainbows in cases

My Parents bought them a set of colours each.
In each of the cases, you have colour pencils,
water colours, marker pens, etc. Back in my
days, these do not exist and even if they do,
it could be very expensive. I am so jealous!