Watching the Iron Man movie with the Outpost

So, the time has come and with my Wife's permission, I get to see the Iron Man movie. A complete movie in an actual cinema, something which both of us do not have the chance anymore since 2002. This would be a golden chance for me. But unfortunately, my Wife is not coming since no one was at home to take care of the two girls and bringing them to the cinema at their age is not a good idea. The whole experience was so great that I felt as if I actually went back to civilisation and came back as a social being. The people in there were great and so was the atmosphere. Immediately, you began to appreciate all the things that happens right in front of you. And to tell you the truth, if I were given the chance to experience it again, I would take it without hesitation. It was one of the best thing that happened to me and after waiting so long for it, I have no regrets at all. OK, enough about being a movie-goer, let's talk about the movie.

The Iron Man movie has been in the works since 1990. The license was bought from different parties, many scripts written, and then rewritten and various actors from Nicholas Cage to Tom Cruise were suggested but it was not until 2005 that Marvel eventually took back the license and developed it themselves. The script/story is very simple but for Iron Man fans, its like Reader's Digest.

Tony Stark the genius, got hurt and was rescued by Yinsen. Both of them were imprisoned by a terrorist group called the Ten Rings to make weapons. Instead, they built an armour suit. And moments before the suit is ready, the suspicious terrorists were about to open the door and thus, Yinsen sacrificed himself. Tony escaped and realised his new direction in life, decided not to make weapons that kills anymore. This caused Stark Industries's other partner, Obadiah Stane to remove Stark once and for all. In then end, Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Iron Monger (Obadiah Stane) fought with you know who won.

So, how is the movie? All I can say is, EXCELLENT! All the main characters were there, from his Secretary Pepper Potts to Happy Hogan to James Rhodes to well, the suprise guest.
Although in every Iron Man story, the is always the "origin" part but in different settings and places. However, Yinsen is always to save Tony Stark;s life and to sacrifice himself to buy some time which I just brush it off but in this movie, (thank goodness for the darkened cinema) I cried as he tells Tony not to waste his life. In the original, it was Ho Yinsen and they were in Vietnam. Then in the 90's, it was in the Gulf and now, Afghanistan. At that time, the technology breakthrough were the miniaturised transistors but in this movie, it was far beyond that (I was half expecting him to say, "Nano-technology")

Fans of Iron Man would love the story but I felt as if everything that happened in the comics in the past 40-odd years were condensed into this movie.

For example:
1) The armour variations/versions (more than 30!) from his first armour, the MK1, to the current MKIII in the movie is too little. He has a lot of armour in between them which he uses for specific missions and the current MKIII is almost similar to his latest Extremis armour in the comics.

2) The Stane/Stark relationship in the comics were different. Stane was his competitor. He used his own version of the armour to fight Stark and committed suicide when he lost because he was not familiar with fighting in armour. So, yeah, how the hell can Obadiah Stane control his Iron Monger so quickly? We have seen how difficult it was for Stark when he was first testing it.

3) After that issue, Stark began to prevent his technology from being used by other parties which sparked the Armour Wars. In the comics, his technology means a lot of armoured suits to be made and so on but in this movie, it just weapons in big transport cases marked "Stark Industries"

4) Then there is the shrapnel going to his heart thing. In the early comics, Yinsen made the armour to keep the shrapnel from entering his heart but if I am not mistaken, in the later years, this problem has gone. In fact, a few years ago, he has a new cybernetic heart and in 2006/7 he has the Extremis virus injected into him and he is now a completely (a new man) or literally, not human anymore.
However, the miniature reactor in his chest (in the movie) looked so cool, though and it is also the source of power for the armour. (In the comics, the armour itself has its own batteries or energy source)

5) Except for his first armour, all his armours are collapsible and usually carried in his briefcase. In some, he would still wear the chestplate (to stop the shrapnel) hidden beneath his clothes. The Exremis armour is hidden in the hollows of his bones, though. But in this movie, it was like watching a Knight's armour being fitted. But still, the effects are great.

5) Regards to the "Ten Rings" I was thinking about The Mandarin who wears the ten rings, each with different power and he is Iron Man's most powerful foe. But personally, I just don't like this guy.

6) And come on! I've carrying car batteries (when required) and they are not that light! Just hefting it up already make my face look funny. Look at how Tony Stark carried it as if its just an empty box.

7) Tony Stark did not reveal himself to be Iron Man until last year. Which caused him a lot of problems in terms of revenge and lawsuits. Then he went on to become the Secretary of Defense to further monitor how his technology are being used especially by the US Military But because of the Scarlet Witch's instability, which caused some of the Avenger's death, the events has made the public think that Tony Stark and Iron Man are tow different people (again, sigh). Oh, and by the way, if you do not have the Iron Man comics and want to know more, here are some sites to visit:

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The Iron Man screening was part of the Outpost's
activity, which includes a buffet lunch

After the movie, there was a lucky draw and also a trivia
quiz with questions from the movie. I think I scored 8/15

This is the lucky fella who won the RM99.90 12" Iron Man
It was his first time to the Outpost too. I wanted to get this
but on second thoughts, its too expensive and it will only
end up in pieces once I start putting some remote circuits
into it. But the features are cool. Press on his chest you will
hear his voice (which he never spoke through the armour in
this movie), move his left hand, there's a repulsor firing sound,
Lift him, and there would be his boot jets sound. The only thing
that stopped me from actually buying one is because of his head
which is not made from plastic but soft vinyl where the paint will
rub off after time. So, I am aiming for the rest of the 6' action figures
especially the ultra-rare MkI and Iron Monger figures