Where's Mommy?

Its not easy to get the girls to go to bed at the
right time and Mommy always have the tough
job. I mean, if I were to do this, this was more
of a contest to see who would have dropped off
to sleep first, which I always win, to my Wife's
dismay. Ha ha ha ha.

Playing games

Well, its not playing games actually. Kaelynn was occupied with the software which lets her pick out the difference of 'same' and 'different'. We were still looking for the maths CD which we had years ago when Kristine was playing with it. No suck luck. So, we have to buy again, that is, if we could find it. Haiya.

Kaelynn holding her hands in anticipation
of what the software can do next.

The Dymo LT-100T LetraTag

Yay. I finally got a labeling machine. This was the rage last time and after using my previous company's I felt that I need to have one myself. Well, not because of a whim or some lifelong wish but I really need them when my project is ready for the next phase. Somehow, cellophane tapes and paper just won't cut it when you need your project to scream quality. Either that or I am starting to admit that my handwriting is illegible even to myself. Its so bad, I think even Pharmacists can't read them either.

And so, for RM99.00 I got this Dymo LetraTag.
I wanted to try Brothers but I think, this brand
has more support which means I can easily get
the replacement tapes almost anywhere. Oh, do
mind the foot as Kaelynn was still playing with
my Notebook.

One good thing is that this machine uses
only four AA batteries compared to the
usual eight which I encountered.

And instead of a two-piece pull away cover,
the cassette is now held by a flip-over cover

And just in case you have a 9 volt wall adaptor,
you can use it on the machine too.

Not sure if this is a worthwhile feature, which lets
you print text on double lines. But I like it anyway.

And so, I let the girls do their own name stickers
which Kristine did it without much help as she
knows her alphabets.

This is also another way to convince her that
learning alphabets and numbers is very very
important. Well, at least she knows the letters
'K' and 'A'
apart from 'S' which she learnt from

Actually, I got this days ago from tziplee but I did not
want to open it since the girls have a lot of homework
to do. You know what happens when you open it in
front of them.

The Package from China

Finally, its here! My custom made LEDs! And after waiting for so many months, it finally ended. So many months? Yeah, so many months. So many months as in I have saved some money after so many months, that so many months, la.

This is a custom LED, which has two colours. Just like my Yellow and Blue, this one is Red and White. So, why did I not go for the RGB LEDs instead, you ask. This is because all the RGB LEDs here is round. 5mm round. And I need them to be 2mm x 5mm rectangle. There are other technical specs which must be fulfiled and since this is a blog, I am not going to bore you with them.

Suffice to say, once the manufacturer got the money from me, he made them and delivered to me asap. And in less than a week, I got them. However, this time, I gave them the new office address in case there is no one at home. And so, after explaining to a lot of prying eyes, I got my package.....

At first, some smart aleck thought it was C4, which
I replied, someone had already used all of them........

This is one of the colour and for the other one, just
imagine its red. But by giolly! They're bright!

So, what am I going to use them for? Email me three answer and the correct answer will get one from me. Remember, I only entertain eMails on April 31st.

Getting ready

So, today is the eve of Kristine's School Photoshoot and she must be ready by then. Although she is excited, we have told her many times not to tell her classmates too much about this since this is a 'selected' photoshoot.

I don't want her to make her friend's jealous or anything since you can never tell how kids react.

She's at it again, this is the clothes
she wore when she was younger,
and this one stretches and it was
meant for Mommy.......

While Kristine had her hair cut,
Kaelynn did a striptease instead.

Anyhow, from what I gathered, the shoot went ok but her classmates laughed at her because she went and changed in front of them instead of going to the washroom. I have to tell her that the school is not like home........

Modding your Proton Saga

I like this idea of how the author modified the colours on his Proton Saga's meters. Long ago, if I wanted to do the same to my car, I would be dealing with bulbs. But for the new Proton Saga, they're all LEDs. I like the method but now how he procured the white LEDs.

Yeah, he bought an expensive LED interior light and cannibalised them.
Haven't he heard of Pasar Road?