Incident at the Pool

There was this incident at the pool which made me angry for the most of the day and night. Kaelynn did not want me into the pool as she wanted to 'walk' around by herself. Which is fine by me. And so, after leaving her with Mom, I decided to go to the Library to read some newspapers. And right after that, something nagged me and I felt uneasy reading the papers while Kaelynn was in the pool all by herself.

And just so as it happened, there was this guy shouting into the pool, telling someone not to throw the floating board. He was quite stern but if you look at his face, he was very concerned. It turned out that there was a mentally challenged guy in the pool, who was tossing the board about 20 feet high and letting it fall into the water. Because it falls flat on its edge like a knife, it was cause for concern since at that speed, it could seriously injure any kids in the pool. At the same time, the Lifeguards were nowhere to be seen, which is normal since this is a 'baby' pool assuming there are a lot of parents around. That guy is big. And looking at this body, which resembles a mid-20's Hulk, no one wanted to mess with him.

It was frightening because the children there did not realise waht was happening and other parents just kept quiet, hoping this qould go away quietly. I was very worried and so, without making Kaelynn afraid, I told her to come away with me, which she did not want to. And so, I had to stand by her just in case 'something' happens. Now, he started to play with the water tube, shooting at kids nearest to him.

Later on, when Kristine had finished her lesson, she came over to Kaelynn and played with her. And then 'that' guy came back. And so, I told the girls to take their shower. By this time, he started to play with the water tube again. Coincidence or not, he was aiming at the girl whose Dad screamed at him earlier on. Unfortunately, I was behind the girl and the water went to my pants. Enough is enough. I shouted "Hey! Stop it!" and glared murderous daggers at him. Which did the trick because he went away. But I could not help thinking, why did I not do this earlier?

I mean, if any kids were injured earlier and I did not shout, it would be my fault. Instead, like all Parents, we just kept quiet and looked on, hoping the screaming guy would 'kau tim' the issue and force the mental kid away. Sort of like, let him be the 'bad guy' while we all be the politically correct persons. Sheesh. Actually, at that time, I was selfishly thinking, "If I stepped in, would I really be the Bad Guy for hitting and bullying a spastic?". He too, has the right to use the pool but because he is different, we all reacted differently. I don't even see his Guardian or Parent nearby, maybe just dropped him off and went about their business.

So, I was angry for not doing anything and also, angry because I was selfish. Man, in the worse case scenario, the girls would be hurt while, most to most, I would just suffer a punch/s in the face or something. I mean, you'd never know how the mental boy would react.

Kaelynn looking happy, minutes before
I went off to the library.

Luckily, he is not a dead shot.
Unluckily, my pants got wet.

Most of the kids were 'away' all of
a sudden. More worrying were the
babies in the pool such as this one.

Girls taking a pose before the final
incident. Next time, I WILL be in
the pool. Even if I have to be the
Bad Guy.

I was still angry by the time we reached home and instead of moving off, I kept horning at a 4x4 who insisted on doing an illegal U-turn. Yeah, I could have my lights punched out.

Trip to Pasar road

OK, yes, yes, today is Saturday and yes, I am going to Pasar Road. I did not go there last week as my legs were still in pain. And today, although my leg is still in pain, I decided to 'leg it'. Anwyay, this time, just like the last, is to get more parts for my project. I've been doing this since weeks; get parts, solder, wait for more money, get parts....., etc.

So, its been very slow and now I am very tempted to take up the offer of getting other people to solder them for me, regardless of the cost. But this would mean I would have to pay for everything up front, from the circuit board manufacture right up the to component cost themselves. Yeah, its mighty expensive and well, depending on the current project and potential funds, the next one might just be a year or two away. But this time, I would have to find out more about on-board programming first because is the new design are anything to go by, they are half the size of this project and this mean, I could be getting twice the number of boards.

This is so unreal. I do not know whether to
laugh or just ignore it.

One thing I hate are the car park vultures which just
follows you and indicates when you unlock your car.
So, today, I just went to my car, with a vulture in tow
and I just opened the bonnet and gave a shrug and
walked off. This is a good trick because now, when I
came back to my car, all other vultures just pass by
so I can take my own sweet time to put on my hard
shoes. I had to take them off when not driving and
use slippers to walk, no thanks to the pain in my toes.
Yeah, I even had time to walk across and take pics.

Something new here, which costs me RM15.00 for
both. One is a 4 column led and the other is for
making 'zeroes' and 'crosses'. These must be those
surplus from somewhere. Once I figured out how
the circuit runs and lights, I might have ideas for it.