The Green Tea cake

When they made drinks about tea, the manufacturers really covered their bases. A few years ago, Green Tea was the rage because of its benefits. And almost over night, you gave green tea drinks, green tea this and green tea that. And now, Ladies and Gentlement, I present you, the Green Tea Cake.

Somehow, I am not sure how this was approached. But there are two theories:

Green Tea flavouring
Yes, this could be the most logical explanation. I mean, its not easy to put those green tea leaves into the cake mix and hope it comes out all green tea-ish. So, maybe, they just put in the flavouring and loads of green food dye.

Green Tea cake mix
Well this is another alternative. They grind all the goodness of green tea and you mix it into your cake mix. How else would they get you to celebrate your Birthday with the fact that you're one year older but much healthier by eating the cake?

Anyway, I just wonder when there would be Green Tea pizza and KFC? But I would stay away from Green Tea Coke or Pepsi. But maybe, Green Tea 7-up or just fizzy drink will be fine.

Anyway, the cake looks nice.

And try as I could, no one in the office would
like to stay away from this wasabe cake. It
might have worked if most of them knew and
tasted wasabe in the first place. So now, I have
less cake portion. Ha ha ha ha ha.

After getting a slice of the cake, my two theories
are not valid. Oh, see the small brown things
there, those are red beans, I think. Because
unlike coffee which has coffee beans,
green tea does not.

The Rehearsal II

Today is Friday and this is also Kristine's second and last rehearsal before her concert tomorrow. Since most parents would not be free, I don't think its a problem as there is bus ready to take them to Shah Alam and back. The only catch is that she must be there before 0830. Or else.

So, I told her to smile all the time
there but forgot about the collar.....