The Second Day

On the second day of the New Year which by now, if you're not married (and got lots of Ang Pows), been visiting your relatives and has not been caught setting off fireworks, you'd pretty soon find things are very boring. There are nothing worth watching on TV, and with the weird weather, half of the time Astro gives you the blue screen (no, it has nothing to do with Windows or Porn). And the weather is still hot and humid with the occasional slight drizzle which looked as if some bloated elephant was peeing from a plane.

Anyway, this morning, our plan was to go over to my In-Law's place for the annual CNY gathering after we finish with our first Guest of the year. It was nice to see him again as he's always never in one place due to the hectic nature of his work. Think of him as THE trouble-shooter in the World of Mobile Phones.

This is Aaron, which Kristine has taken a liking to him. The Casanova!

By the time we're ready to go, we had to stop by for some Fried Chicken since its a Pot Luck. Unfortunately, I have forgotten that The Colonel had packed his bags and left Bangsar since there are hardly any chickens left to slaughter in a place like this. So, I had to make do with McChicken from the House of Clown. One thing I really have to say about this is, Ronald MacDonald's specialties are Burgers and not Fried Chickens. Its not fun clowning around with the Colonel's Secret Recipe when you do not even know what the 11 secret Herbs & Spices are. The same goes to the Old Man; stop stuffing fried chickens into buns and such as you're not a Clown. So, take my word for it,
they taste like some oily crap from the bottom which I don't even want to think about it. So, if you every tried the House of Clown's Hot & Spicy, the Jokes on you.

Now, one thing about being in a group is that everyone has a Mobile Phone. Last year, the in-Laws were into Nokia and Samsung. But this year suprisingly, the majority went for Sony Ericsson. And one of my nephew actually has the elusive white T630. But ha ha ha, no one else had a BlueTooth Headset and someone realised that the fancy wancy K500 can't even have Bluetooth, much to their dismay. I am still not a fan of SE but so many discerning young people are using it, I think they got it right. And after taking a second look at the Nokia 6320, I was glad I did not get it. Even the 3120 looked better.

Speaking about which, I am sure many of you have seen the latest Nokia advertisement on the new models, the 7270 and the 7280. I think the original ad was done somewhere in Asia. Then, all of a sudden, the same ad was replaced with European models. What the heck. I know the phones looked more like a heavily decorated lipstick from Tron (7280) and the other one still looked like a leftover Motorola StarTAC model. And they still both suck. The changing of the ads could be a sign that the phones are receiving poor response and thus the decision to use Mat Sallehs in the hopes that all the Asian people would be fooled into buying the phones. Sigh. Going to Nokia's website showed most of the phones, even the latest ones looked dreadful compared to the competition. Does this mean that my slowly accepting the Sony Eriscsson is a sign Nokia is going downhill? Usually, when I need a phone, Nokia would first come to mind, but now, its not. Watch out, Nokia!

All the phones on display, the rest of the Nokias were in hiding, out of embarassment.

With everyone gambling (I was not allowed to take photos if I wanted to celebrate more Birthdays) and watching TV, I was suprised Kristine was not affected by the din. In fact, she slept through it. So, I guess, she takes after me because I sleep better/comfortable if there are background noises. Tonight, I have to start playing CDs for her. Maybe it was also due to the fact that we played music to her while she was in the womb............

She was so happy, we cound't help it but stuck some soft toys on her.