Durians for Dinner

Hee hee hee hee! I just bought two durians which I will be mixing it with rice! Yum-yum!

[Update: 2045]
Kristine bit/sucked into a watermelon. She looked a bit funny and then spit/coughed it out. Oh well, it not time for her to take solids yet.

The dinner almost became a disaster with Kristine trying to grab everything in sight (her hands on top right)
Wifey cooked he special prawns and... and... durians! yea!

Nescafe Mistra

Take it from me. It does not matter where you stay, from Ampang to Bangsar to Petaling Jaya to Ipoh. If you need to do any shopping for your groceries at Mid-Valley, you'd better be there before 10AM (Well, before the rest of the crowd comes in.)

By the time you finshed shopping for those non-edibles there, the day's fresh food would be ready and this means you get to have the first choice selection for the fresh food for the day.

Anyway, while we're there, Nescafe was promoting their latest drink, the Mistra. It comes in three flavours which I got to taste before buying them at the booth:

1) Gold Coast, Gold bottle
Very coffee-ish and too bitter for my taste

2) Banana Caramel, silver bottle
Too sweet and that lingering banana taste reminds me of some medication or something methane?

3) Tiramisu, silver bottle
This is the best of the lot. Its chocolate and coffee (Neslo?)
When I was young, I thought Tiramisu was some Japanese sushi. I was so disappointed after that.

So, for RM2.35, ouch! (Normal price is RM2.70. ouchie-wa-wa), I only get to choose one, and I took Tiramisu.

What attracted me was not the booth they set up both inside and outside of Carrefour but the design of the Mistra's bottle. If they did not label it, I would think it could be some fuel additive for cars or some shampoo for the car's windshield. When you hold it, it feels so right/comfortable; where the bulbous design meets the cylinder, your thumb and index finger naturally curves to it.

The booth inside Carrefour

Erm, I am bot sure why they want to wear those golden carnival masks

Here's another shot.

The booth outside Carrefour which has free La Cremeria ice creams too

Already the crowd are gathering

Maybe its because of the free tattoo inside

Free Henna Tattoo

Introducing the Nescafe Mistra! Ta-daaa!
Some phallus fan would be very happy

A very cute DVD Player at Carrefour at RM129.00
But we still can't afford it

The Invisible Man peeing into the sink

The Island of Lost Fathers