For Will

Me: You got any LED torchlights for RM10 or not?
He: Got. nah. [Shows me one with a lot of LEDs inside]
Me: No, ler, I want the one with one LED
He: Oh here, try this one, can go 50 feet.
Me: [Checking out the torch] OK, how much?
He: RM15
Me: ........
He: OK, try this one, 60feet!
Me: 7 watts. How much?
He: RM20
Me: [thinking, "Nia ma ge hai! Sai emm sai kam lan guai, ah?"] Er, my friend want RM10 torch wor
He: Oh, wait ah. [Goes into shop and comes out again] Here, try this one, I give you RM12
Me: wah, so small nia. Use only one AA battery sommore.
Me: Can cheaper or not?
He: Cannot la, cheap cheap already
Me: OK lar, give you face today
He: RM36 for all, thank you.
Me: Yeah, right. Bye

And the fucker didn't even give you free batteries.
BTW, the mosquito repellent is battery operated
and sets you back by RM19. No mains powered.

The triangle LEDs

So, since I am still recovering from fatigue, I made my assistant drive me around town today. And as luck would have it, my only customer of the day also gave me a headache which made me unable to concentrate on my job. Either that or I was hungry as I was too "involved" in my work. It was not until about three in the afternoon only did my assistant dare to speak to me and informed me that he has been told to buy his own tools that I took the opportunity to got to Pasar Road again.

The first thing was to go to one of my favourite shops to see if they sell a particular LED for an RPF member. Which they did and luckily, they have the green version as well.

I love going to this shop as they have all kinds of
LEDs (except exotic Luxeons) for sale.

For this particular LED, they have loads of it

But I am not sure of the correct size, so here is
a measurement shot for you