The Customer is always right Pt II

Yes, you got that right. The Customer is always right. Always follow this rule:

1- The customer is always right
2- If the customer is wrong, see Rule #1

Before I go into my rant, here is a little lesson about Hunting Lines.

When you call a Company, you will always use the same number. We call this the Pilot Line (aka Main Line). This number is always "free" and you seldom get a busy/engaged tone. So, imagine if a customer has 5 callers, they always get answered.

But if you try the same trick with your house phone, if your Dad/Mom/Sis/Bro/Indonesian Maid/Dog is using it, you would get an engaged tone instead. This is called the Direct Line

What you do not know is that behind the Pilot line, there are other lines, which we call the Subsidiary Lines. This is how it works:

1) The first caller calls into the Pilot Line, that line is said to be busy.
2) The second caller calls into the Pilot line, since it is busy, that call routes into the first subsidiary line.
3) When the third caller calls in, that call would be routed to the second hunting line and so on until all the Pilot and Subsidiary lines are used up and so on.

Now, because my customer has limited lines and to ensure their customers can call in, I have made sure their Pilot Line and the first Subsidiary line cannot be used by the staff for making incoming calls. This makes sense because if no one is using those lines, then there would be no problem.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the lines because when you call in, it would not ring the fisrt time. But if you try on the second or third time, it would ring. I have a customer nearby who is also facing this problem and I proved it to them by connecting it a normal phone. Unfortunately, Terrorkom did not share my sentiments and therefore, blamed me for "blocking" those lines. So, they advised the customer to get me to release the lines.

Which in fact, when I block those lines, Terrokom would lose income as no one would be using them for making outgoing calls

Rather than starting an argument, I released all the lines for them to make outgoing calls as requested. I have yet to hear more complains from them.