My Nokia 5800 is back but....

Its just a day short of one whole month at the Noka repair centre in Bangsar and three weeks (or so) at the original dealer's. And so, I could not bear it anymore and kept calling them almost daily for the last few days. And so, today, I got it back, just as soon as they rushed over from Jalan Imbi to collect it for me. Wow. Anyway, to cut the long story short, the 5800 was selling so well that it was not easy to get a new replacement motherboard (really?) but finally, it came. And this time, the motherboard is a new version. And so, I thanked and bade farewell Mr. Wan for his troubles. I did want to get a car charger but he insists I used a normal Nokia charger since the voltage in the car is not constant especially when you rev the engine. "Where di dyou get that mirror screen protector?" "From eBay" "How much did you pay for it?" "RM27.00 or so, including delivery to my desk" "Really? Wow" But I am not going to use it anymore since I got a non-reflective version from the same seller in eBay. This is because the Nokia 5800's screen is hopeless when you're outdoors. The only thing you can see from the screen would be the oily smudge and the reflections of a hairless baboon.
As soon as you place the screen onto the surface, it sort of
flowed and sucked itself to the screen, as if there was water
underneath it. Unfortunately, my clumsy self let the screen
be blown by the fan onto the table where it picked up a few
specks of dust which created round bubbles....

The difference is that the screen now does not
pick up any unwanted reflections, which is OK
for me. I just hate staring into the face of a
weird stranger everyday. Only thing is that
I have to remove more dusts under the
plastic as it looked so bad.
When the screen is on, its so crisp and clear!

After pressing *#000#, I can see that its now using
the V20.0.012 firmware as opposed to the V8 on
the previous motherboard
You can Google for the extra features the new firmware
brings but here are some few noticeable ones. You can
now use the second camera (which was originally used
for those video calls) to take photos. But the resolution
is not as good.
When you reject a call, the phone will reply with a SMS
to the caller with your choice message. I turned that off
as soon as I discovered it. But its a very very good idea
for when you're too busy (or lazy) to answer calls.
And now, you can Geo-tag your photos. Personally, I have
not found a use for this feature, so again, I turned it off too.
One thing I noticed was that the GPS locks on very quickly
until I remembered to turn off those Assisted GPS and the
rest of the "expensive" data connections. Now, its raining
and so, I cannot confirm if this switching off would affect
the speed of the GPS satellite locking. Have to try again

Oh, and another thing, I finally found out about getting the
MAC address from the 5800 so I can use on the Wifi in the
house. I am preparing this when I get my Notebook back
from repairs, I will try to install the Fring software.
Ooo......... I can surf the Internet from my Phone!

Unfortunately, there were some problems with the phone now. Once I get my things sorted out after Tuesday, I think I will need to have it sent back again. The problems are:

1) When listening to the MP3s, sometimes the song gets stuck halfway and I cannot gain control of the phone. Even when I am using the headset.

2) During calls, there is a buzzing sound and not only that, the phone "hangs". Sometimes, it would recover itself and presents you with the Nokia screen again.

3) When making calls, the phone hangs as well. You'd have to switch off and on again. Or sometimes, it just freezes.

4) In one case, where I switched the phone on and off again, it asked me to set the time and date again, behaving as it its a 3xxx series phone.

Sigh. I did not pay RM1,499 for this. In the old Nokia 5800 board, the phone performed wonderfully.

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