Blinking Lighter Part II

So, after a heavy jam in Kepong due to a burst water pipe this morning, I was still the first to arrive early. And with some precious "enough to do something but not enough to do anything" minutes, I decided to explore the lighters again. OK, so its too precious to loan it to my friends knowing them, it would be lost before the gas resevoir are empty.

See the small itty bitty screw? You just unscrew it and
don't worry, the gas resevoir is housed in its own
separate tank. Yeah, RM250, you get half the
gas but more lights. Bwahahahahhahaha

Once the cover is opened, out pops the electronics

To activate the torch, you just press the metal piece to
the LED's legs and thats it. Oh, you can keep the small
purple nipple for your other model projects. What I liked
about this module is that it already has a small case for
you to put all the small batteries in. So you can modify
it to suit whatever project you have in mind.

As for the part where you need to activate the three blinking
lights, its a bit more difficult. After examining the whole
lighter, I guessed the blinking circuit could be activated
via static or some capacitance. Because when I
touched the left lead and the right metal piece,
nothing came on until I used a screwdriver
to touch my hands. Once I have the time
I will try again with bare wires to test
my theory