Iron Man II Toys at The Outpost Toys

By sheer stroke of luck, I was at The Outpost today. Well, OK, I followed the Salesguy to how he deals with his customer. And as luck would have it, its at The Curve! And so, after the appointment, he wants to have his lunch and I want to see The Outpost. At first, I did not notice it even when I was standing in front of it (must be the 'dim' lights) until I talked to Richard and turned my head to the counter. That's when I realised all the Iron Man II toys are in!

Yes, I was standing in front and yet I did not see
them. Aah.... I must be getting old.

This was the first figures I saw at the counter. And
I wonder why it was so cheap for a 3 inch fig.

Then I turned around and whoa! They're everywhere!
Anyway, there are three series; The figures from the
Movie (except Iron Man V and War Machine), The
Comics series and the Concept series.

Then there is the eight inch version. Nothing
special on this apart from the size.

This is the War Machine from the Comic series.
Hasbro did not come out with the War Machine
from the Movie. So, be careful, OK? Still, it was
the firs to be sold out.

This is the Mark I from the Movie series
and I got the last one. Richard said you
can't find this and War Machine anywhere
even at Toys r Us (All were gone save for
the Iron Man from the Comic series which
was the Red and Gold shellhead)

The Iron Man Mk I from Comic series which
has a very nice rust paint.

Then there is what I call the Batman series because
like Batman toys, you get all variations and silly
add-ons. But I am interested in the helmet only....

Two Mark Ones. Which one shall I get?
Tough decisions and limited cash..........

Oh, I am not going to get this. I just cannot think
of anything except Spider-Man.

This is also another item I am not getting. I am not
sure what was the thing that stopped me. Lack of
cash or was it the big eyes?

Or was it the faceplate opening/closing which looks
more like a cartoon rabbit teeth? Still this feature
works for a kid as their head is small. Remember that.

Raymond trying very hard to convince me with
the light up eyes. Yes, I like lights but not this.

Finally, I got the Movie Mark One and an Arc Reactor

Yeesh....... it has yellow LEDs! This cannot do!

Yes, I opened it up and did something to it.
Go to my website to see what I did, ok?

Kristine's Surprise!

Kristine and Mommy can roll their tongue!
I did not know this. Wow!

Free Lunch!

Well, not really. Since the tea lady cum cleaner said the Milo and coffee is free, I decided to take some and hock some condensed milk too. hee hee hee

Yes, and I also brought my big super duper cup!