CNY Dinner at Kee Palace

And so, on the next day of CNY (or if you want, the day after the day that we thought was the day before), we all rushed to the Palace of Kee-ness. This is where all the Kee Members in the society of kinship gathers. Only this year, we're missing one Kee to unlock the treasure of Hapiness. Come to think of we, we're actually missing two Kee's.(OK, if you don't get it, nevermind).

Did I forget to mention that this is my third Yee Sang?
No, OK, this is my fourth Yee Sang.

Through the wonders of Internet and the fact
not many people were surfing, we found one
of the missing Kee.

Everyone was so happy that we all decided to perform
an episode of "The Deadliest Catch" our style. If this
video goes viral, it is not my fault.

Well, well, well, what we're seeing here,
is actually someone trying to help some
else to grow up faster.

And now, for the Intermission

Act2 Scene 3: Godzilla menacing the Wasabi men

The girls showing part of the Yee-Sang ingredient. Its
also the Chinese version of The Matrix; Choose either
the Red Packet or the Green Packet....

OK, we really have to stop him here because
the red cherries, are not edible... and we do
not want Godzilla to terrorise the Nurses too.

Godzilla speak for Don't come any closer! I am
taking the Red Packet!

Erm.. I forgot what this was.

And while they're torturing the poor Donkey,

Someone came up with the iPad again and it was
peace all over the valley

Hours later, it was still peacful in the valley...

That is, until the battery ran out and
now, their attention went to the doggie

Kristine with one of her favourite cousins

When the iPad was recharged, it was peace all over
the valley. That was, until someone said, "Dinner Time!"

Did I mention that this is my, oh, never mind
I already forgot how many Yee-Sangs I had

Getting a kick out of everyone's favourite cousin

The two days of CNY

For the first two days of CNY, we did what we were supposed to do, and when that was done, we did whatever else we think needs to be done. What that was done, we just did more of what everybody thinks that we thought should be doing. And we did nothing of that sort.

I mean, it would be a waste of time marinating fish with lime and then letting them dry at 100Km/h under the gunpowder mists.

OK, so I was bored if you couldn't tell.

And so, on the first day, after the tea
ceremony, the girls tried their skills
at Caligraphy and then putting them
into Ang Pows.

The girls helping with the furniture after the Family
photo taking ceremony. we do this every year for
the sake of doing this every year.

Before we all could hide ourselves and go off the grid,
some visitors came and I had to put on my scary face
to scare them into behaving themselves. If I got paid
for doing that, I would be charging three bars of bars
and a kettle of red herrings soaked in sublime sauce.

See these two little mischevious imps? They
took turns to steal the food off the Yee Sang

Did I forget to mention that this is my second Yee
No? OK, this is my second Yee Sang.