Brushing teeth

Nothing wrong, right? Not until you realise that
they are brushing their teeth TOGETHER and
HELPING each other.


Sunday afternoon......... and its raining

The girls are bored and they can't do much screaming
since they're scared of thunder too. Hearing the sound
of the rain, I wanted to sleep but not with them still
awake. So, I did what I would under the circumstances

Yeah, baby! Jump!


Weird Dreams

I was tired. So tired and I can't even SMS properly. And so, I had to drag myself, mentally, towards the long road to slumberland. But....


Why the hell am I still on the floor?

Dream 1
Damn. I've forgotten what it was already.

Dream 2
Not sure why but with all AirAisia passengers stranded at the Departure Hall, I suggested that each (of the five or more) flight's passengers move together on the long tarmac walk towards the planes. And slowly, other teams would indirectly herd the bad guys into a group. And once these bad guys were huddled into one corner and they realised they were fooled, there was no other choice but to go out blazing. Except that these bad buys were just old geezers.

And they have their own principles.

Rather than start a gun-fight, and possibly shooting at innocent passengers, they just calmly walked to the authorities, side by side, with their heads held up high and pointing the weapons at them. One by one, they fall.

One by one.

And those who survived, they took their own spare gun, at their backs and shot themselves in the head.