Changing times

In my old days, work was very simple. Just some in, do some work, take your calls and go out to see the customer, service their PABX systems. Then I was 'promoted' as Product Specialist and had to stay in the office most of the time. Man, that was a nightmare as I was so used to going out and driving my car all over the place. Sitting there, doing nothing but thinking was something new. And a torture. But, yeah, I got fat very fast too.

My second job was more or less the same except that we worked beyond normal working hours, even on a Weekend. It was work, work, work. But then again, as a Technical Manager, I also had people under me which puts me in the 'responsibility' chair. For the first time in my Life, when I make a decision, it affects others too. But basically, it was still work, work, work. Still, it allows me to go to a lot of places and see a lot of things, where to buy good stuff and services. Still, with a growing family to take care for, its not easy to get a good pay as I could not wait that long for the company to thrive back in the black.

Now, this is my third job and since this is something completely new. And man, its so exciting working there! My brain has been working non-stop, observing a lot of things and by the time I came back, I was mentally exhausted. (Yeah, this is also one of the reasons I can't think of anything to blog). Tank goodness for car air-cons and MP3s on my Nokia 5800. But what made me realise is that I now tend to cherish Saturdays more. This is because for the first time in my working Life, I do not have to work on Saturdays. OK, so we had alternate Saturdays in my first job decades ago but this was the best.

So, don't be offended if I could not 'help' you much on Saturdays since I want to enjoy my freedom going to Pasar Road and so on. Ha ha ha ha!

For now, its just using my eyes......